This is a brand new clan so a chance for a brand new start. To get the most out of this clan it is recommended that your age be between 12-16. We have a few rules to go through but after the rules that’s where our clan gets very different to others!

1. There is no donation requirement number for each season

2. You must be TH4 or below as we want to build from the bottom

3. Elder is earned through donating 500 troops in a season

4. Co-Leader is earner by being on the top 3 donations leaderboard at least once (more on that in a minute)

5. Treat your clan mates with respect after all they are there as part of the community

6. The clan is very community based so nobody will have all the power over what the clan does

7. Everyone will be allowed to join the clan at first but once it gets full then places will be fought for. If your not doing enough or you have violated a rule then you will be kicked!

8. You must always participate in clan games and wars and leagues there’s no excuse. Unless you are on holiday or have a valid reason for not participating. In this case let a clan mate know and we can account for it!

Now the rules are done we can get onto the fun part!
There will be a clan leaderboard for the record donations in a season and the top 3 in the current season.
This is how you earn Co-Leader.
You must have been in that current top 3 at least once in your time in the clan to gain Co-Leader.
We will also have a meeting every Friday to assess the week so far and to raise any concerns or changes we want to make to the clan.
To be involved in these meetings you must be a Co-Leader or Elder. Members are not allowed to make drastic changes but you will be thought of.

Once the clan is full but we still have new members wanting to join then a second clan will be made.
The name of this clan is yet to be decided and will most likely be voted on in a meeting.
How it will work is this second clan will be almost like the “youth” clan where if you don’t want the pressure of being in the top clan then you can move down and if you want the pressure then you can be moved up.
At the end of every season if someone in the second clan has more trophies than you then they will move up and you will move down.
At the end of every season the leaderboards will change and the clan members will change so every season will be fresh full of ideas!
If you like the sound of this then please do check out the clan.
I hope this takes off and becomes a thriving community clan and who knows where we can go from there!?
I will leave the clan ID below and if you have any questions then just reply to this thread and I will answer as soon as I can!
Have fun in the clan and if you are unsure on how something works then just ask and we will try to help as much as possible!
See you on the battlefield clanmates

NOTE: You have most likely come here from youtube