This is your chance to help rebuild a really great neighborhood. Fundophobia (#9LZC90LJ) - Fear of Farms.

Attrition (boredom) and a couple temper tantrums - we woke up last Monday morning to discover there were only two of us left. We would like to rebuild the hood.

We are friendly and helpful. We are online as much as we can be, but with full-time jobs, we can't be there there 24/7.

Who we are hoping to attract:
Motivated daily players willing to do maximum number of tasks for maximum points (To be fair, we ask all members to do the extra task, even if it will not affect our final standings for the week.)
We do not do delayed starts
We do not speed the task board.
We would prefer higher level players, but if you are motivated, we would be willing to work with and help more beginning players move up and succeed
We would prefer "mature" players, but one of our best, most liked players started with us as a high school student.
We are currently US-based (central and pacific time zones), but welcome players from around the world

We hope to see you for tomorrow's derby start!