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    Yes, we usually have 9 TH12 and 6 TH11. Did great moving up from M3 to M1 but then in M1 faced all heavy TH12s. We’re not used to losing so much and it was really no fun. Now back in M2 where we may have to deliberately lose a couple of attacks in order to stay here and not advance again.

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    Masters 2 and Masters 1 is the line between Top level players and everyone else.

    Most of Masters 1 will be occupied by Champion rejects.

    Master 2 only promotes 1 clan therefore the full Th12 clans will win the league here. From Masters 1 and upwards, dont expect to see any clan with Th11 in their roster staying there for long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Russianmob305 View Post
    We are 0-4, but war 5 actually can be won! Trying our hardest not to get demoted so we can just keep farming medals here in masters 2.
    We have 7 true 12s, 4 more that are rushed
    Yeah, we are 0-4 after 4 wars, but our last 3 are against the other 3 in the bottom half, so we still have a reasonable chance.
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    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Maverick View Post
    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
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    We did 30 v 30 in Masters 2. We ran our 12 or so th12s then a mix of th9-11. Usually harm 3-4 th9. I figured we would get slaughtered. We will end up staying Masters 2. I think you could get to Masters 1 easy with a 50/50 th11/12 mix. Wondering if this becomes a push strategy for some. Use 30 v 30 to get up to Masters 1 and then switch back to 15 v 15 for the Champ push.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrandWarden0 View Post
    My clan is in Crystal 1 right now. There is one other clan with the same number of stars as us but, if we win, we should be going to Masters III. I fear how many Town Hall 12s there will be in Masters III
    Buckle up next season if your promoted to M3 cause it'll be a bumpy ride. We're the lower lvl16 clan in this group and have been in M3 for our 2nd season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moles View Post
    2 wins 2 losses currently in Masters 1. I'm a bit annoyed with my clan doing sloppy; using the same strats over and over again and not identifying the base, we'll see how the rest of the league goes.
    Feel for you. The guys who would do the same attack the exact same way every time used to drive me nuts when I was in a semi-serious clan. Actually had a low hero/low wall, max defense and move up guy complain to me once about trying different strats all the time. He even farmed with the same govawi/4 quake army he used in wars.
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    We're not having a good season either. Because of the 30v30 and the delayed start time, our wars in M3 are haphazard and unplanned, and our lower 15 players are not very skilled. Meanwhile our low clan in G2 is really missing the th10s who normally do CWL there and all went to the high clan. Neither clan will drop, but neither is having much fun. Maybe next season we'll do the 30v30 in the low clan, hoping that 30v30 clans in g2 will actually have bases low enough for our th8s and th7s to hit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littledoctor View Post
    We're not having a good season either. Because of the 30v30 and the delayed start time, our wars in M3 are haphazard and unplanned, and our lower 15 players are not very skilled. Meanwhile our low clan in G2 is really missing the th10s who normally do CWL there and all went to the high clan. Neither clan will drop, but neither is having much fun. Maybe next season we'll do the 30v30 in the low clan, hoping that 30v30 clans in g2 will actually have bases low enough for our th8s and th7s to hit.
    Oh gosh I couldn't imagine doing a 30v30 in cwl, my head would be spinning. We have 5 of us in clan and they're our accounts so its actually a really good time running 15s. I think 15v15 is the way to go in masters and up to really plan attacks.

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    Running 30v30 in master 2 really is risky. My clan has 13 TH12s and all have lv4-5 giga. We would have been victorious in 15v15 and end up being top 1-3 if we only included 13 TH12s and 2 strong TH11s. But as we are running 30v30 in this CWL, we have 13 TH12s, 13 TH11s and 4 TH10s. We won round 1,2 (since opponents have more TH10s) but not in Round 3-5 as opponents have more than 20 TH12s.

    Despite losing in 30v30, but what i can think of is.. choosing 15v15 and 30v30 is a win-win situation.

    15v15 does offer more chance of winning but however it doesn't boost more medals for all clan members than running 30v30. Not only that, doing 30v30 actually offers more CLAN EXP as long as a clan member gets at least 1 star for successful atk to gain clan exp. The only risk we face doing 30v30 is just facing more TH12s.. but if my clan is to fall under 4-7th position, the league medal rewards are still great and not much difference than 1-3 position
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    Quote Originally Posted by vincenzo1234 View Post
    What Ive just learned about Master 2 in CWL is if you want to advance to Master 1, you need to have just about 15 th12's. We are currently in the 4th round and we were 3-0 with a 2 star total lead in the league. Suddenly, round 4 were playing the number 2 team in total stars. Our lineup is 8 true th12's, 4 baby th12s (literally upgraded this week), 3 th11s. Their team: All extremely strong th12's. All have max or near max heroes, strong max walls, bottom 2-3 bases don't have quite max defenses but ultimately very strong. We have no shot. They're gonna win by at least 5-7 stars. After the 10 star win bonus, we'll be down 13-15 stars with 3 wars left. I honestly have no idea how we had more total stars to begin with, maybe they were putting some weaker players in, or they were trying exotic attacks they'd never done before, id love to look. But the bottom line is that you need almost an all th12 with 5 star town halls lineup ready to truly get that garnered 1 spot to advance. Because you don't know what you will draw, whether it'll be an OK Masters 1 clan that got demoted last month, or a dormant clan inhabited by newcomer strong th12s. You need defense to win these wars because any max 12 that can semi run e-drags or bowitch will just crush the bottoms and then its too much to overcome. What's even more conclusive is that in all honesty, we should've lost the first two wars. We were very disadvantaged, they lost from bad leadership not attacking the right bases. We do have a shot in the dark as we are playing 2 of the worst teams in the last 3 rounds, we will need to put up 40 stars in each war, but thats a tall task.

    Im not complaining here, just merely writing an observation. I love that only one team advances as you go up because it really weeds out all the pretenders and pits the good strong clans against each other. But anyone who is entering Masters divisions in CWL for the first time now with gold passes and all other items speeding upgrading, HEADS UP. You better bring weight. We've upgraded four players to TH12 this week to meet the task next month.
    So we've been in masters 2 for 5 seasons now, we first moved up when we were rocking 3-4 Th12s, a couple of th10's at the bottom and the rest mainly big th11's. Our th12's at that time weren't max.

    We finished the first 3 seasons in 3rd place, certainly not intentionally we always fought for the win, but being outnumbered by always double, sometimes treble the amount of th12's we had, finishing in top 2 was really difficult.

    My experience of masters 2 back then and I still hold it now is it's full of clans with th12's that have rushed and really can't attack, for the last 5 months it's been watching th12's mindlessly spamming attacks, their isn't a lot of quality in masters 2.

    We finished 3rd 3 times because our th11's constantly out performed the th12's on the other side, our 11's could regularly 2 star big 12's, and the enemy 12's couldn't 3 star our big 11's, our big 12's could clear whatever was at the bottom of the map. Like i said we finished 3rd so a few clans did beat us, we have encounted a few clans that could 12 v 11 3 star but there really wasn't many.

    In march we finished 6th, we had our 11's move to th12 at similar times, a few were out with upgrades, the way rewards were last season it wasn't worth prioritising cwl, and generally our clans always been strongest when everyones been at their town hall level a while, and weakest when a few transition up, we only won 2 wars last season and we pretty much just rocked 3 big 12's, 2 new 12's and the rest 11's, it was the first season where we didn't need to use th10's, again the competition wasn't that great but we weren't organised or prepared enogh for back to back wars.

    Come this season (April) we had a few more th11's upgrade to th12, so we mainly warred 7-8 th12's (1 max before update, 2 just working on walls, and 5 th12s that look more like th11's with eagles and infernos upgraded).

    The enemy's rosters ranged anywhere from 10-14 th12's, the ones with more th12's generally had rushed th12s at the bottom.

    We quickly identified two clans as the biggest threat and made sure we had all th12s opted in for those two, the first one had 14 th12's to our 9 th12s, which we scraped a win 29-28, we didn't have the best war but their last two attacks on our bases were both 1 stars, they had it in the bag until then, the enemys performance in this war summed up my pression of the quality in masters 2.

    The second clan we identified was our last war who brought 11 th12s to our 9 th12s and we had a mega war finished on form winning 35 - 32.

    In the end we won all 7 wars, finished roughly 30 stars in front of anyone else, despite every war being outnumbered. I disagree you need a clan of all 5 star th12's to advance. You need a clan of solid attackers and a handful of th12's to advance, were not even league standard we have a 2.3 win/loss ratio so a lot of the clans among these forums would destroy us. With only a few big th12's we will get destroyed in masters 1 I'm sure of it but after 5 seasons of watching failed spam dip attacks hopefully masters 1 may be a breath of fresh air.
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