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Thread: Need a good DE base and some help!

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    Need a good DE base and some help!

    Okay so i've been th9 for 2 months now and everything is going good. Except everything that costs DE. So my heroes and dark troops are behind and decided to try and fix them, to be useful in wars. So I have some questions about this:

    1.At what trophy i shud farm DE?
    2.What army shud I use to get DE?
    3.What base shud I use to protect a ton of DE?

    I really need awsners for all 3 questions, would help me out a lot.

    Thanks, A random CoC player. (#JJPVUYVV)

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    you will get lots of loot in gold league.

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    I found that rising trophies with Loonian (or Giant/Wizard/healer) and dropping trophies with goblin knife or barch was a great way to stay in a good trophy range and get all the DE you need.

    At TH9 start near the bottom of gold league and rise with your favorite strong elixir heavy army. when you start getting near masters drop down with your favorite cheap elixir based army. Make your priorities in the following order on the way up - DE storage, TH, drill and full drills, DE storage, TH on the way down.

    The key is to build no or almost no dark troops or spells which eat into your profit.
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    The Crow was serving me extremely well. It's an old design, but still golden.
    And while I was TH9, I threw loonion at higher leagues. Was able to put both Heroes down 24/7 that way.

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