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Thread: Aquarium in the fishing area.

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    Aquarium in the fishing area.

    At the moment we have a variety of pets in the farm area and the sanctuary in the town area, but no pets in the fishing area. What about placing an aquarium in the area where you can collect different types of pet fish and view and interact with them like you can with the others? So be able to name them, feed them and get bonus items from them after doing so etc. I did come up with some concept art but I was finding it hard to follow the theme, so I didnít include that But as for the pets, what about maybe a little turtle, marlin, goldfish, little hammerhead shark. Many possibilities.

    As for how you would get the pets, possibly like the sanctuary where you can fish up pieces to unlock a certain pet. Just an idea.
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    Good idea, the fishing area is quite bare.

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    You want to take the fish out of the lake/pond, put them in an artificial glass enclosure right next to their natural habitat. Where they can see their friends and family roaming free. And feed them and name them.

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