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Thread: I got wrong destructionPercentage in CWL team size 30v30

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    I got wrong destructionPercentage in CWL team size 30v30

    In the war which just ended yesterday, my clan got the destructionPercentage of 53.10% and the opposite got 71.67%. But I received the result of 37.04% and 50% from API. Other informations I got are correct, such as stars we got and personal combat gains.

    You can refer here:
    My clan is in the second position.
    The result in game: IMG_20190406_154234.jpg
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    The destruction percentage is wrong for all CWL wars. It shows the value which is obtained by dividing destruction done by the weekly roster size, not the daily roster. So it will only be correct if a clan entered exactly 30 for the week.

    To get the actual war destruction you'll need to add up all the individual best-attacks
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