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Thread: Clash Mighty App -> NOW AVAILABLE!!! Check it out!

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    Clash Mighty App -> NOW AVAILABLE!!! Check it out!

    Hello, fellow clashers,

    today I'm announcing you a new app for the clash of clans.

    Clash Mighty app can tell you whether the player is active or not as many other things that can be important to you. Also, you can track your clan and get more details from cwl. List and functionalities will get bigger as I develope them

    Head over the and check it out!

    P.s. This app is still in beta so please be patient and if you have any suggestion or just want to give feedback don't hesitate to contact me or just post replay here

    Clash on!

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    [UPDATE] added clan track

    Hello dear clashers!

    From today you can check your clan activity, find out who is MVP in your clan and see how you rank among other clans.
    If you have any suggestion or want me to add something don't hesitate to contact me

    Direct link:

    P.S. more clan info coming soon so watch out for next update!

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    maybe I overlooked it, but I'd be interested in how the MVP score is calculated. If you dont' want the formula to be published, at least the underlying data would be interesting. Good page though.

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    Similarly, I'd be curious to know how you calculate player activity.

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    When you are trying to search for clan with not existing #TAG it still is opening a site with clan activity, so check it, got it and repair it

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