I think this is a small glitch or graphics problem, that has troubled me many a times in Wars ot regular attack & I urge SUPERCELL to fix it ASAP.
So the problem is, I have seen this in about 2 to 3 non-consecutive wars. In the enemy base, the Infeno-Tower is some what placed in the vicinity of the Clan Castle CC & that CC has some regular clan banner & along with a 'long'(quite long) name of the clan & all this cover's the head of the Inferno Tower & so I'm not able to see what's the mode to which that Infero-Tower was set(multi-mode or single target). Though in war, we manage to sort it out by tapping the enemy's Inferno-Tower & we get to know what's it's state befor attacking. But,in regular, pushing/farming attacks we don't get to see all this & it dosturbs me alot. The small clan's big name comes infront of the inferno's head & I need to zoom it alot(alot means alot) then also it's not clear to see it's mode.
Please look on this.