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Thread: Bamboozlers Recruiting [#229R9VVV2] Non Rushed players for War

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    Bamboozlers Recruiting [#229R9VVV2] Non Rushed players for War

    Welcome to BAMBOOZLERS recruitment page. [#229R9VVV2]

    Information about use:
    were a English speaking farming, pushing and war clan which likes to have fun along the way. We try to provide the best experience by not having any drama and playing as one big family. We also try to help out by giving tips and tricks to those who may want them.
    Elder can be earnt through donations and co from trust and loyalty.

    What we offer:
    Organised clan - Well run clan with clear and simple rules
    Active and friendly community.

    What we’re looking for:
    Non rushed th8+ bases.
    active and loyal members
    No Age limit so all are welcome.

    Clan Rules:
    1onate what is requested.
    2:Use both attacks in war and ask leaders if unsure about something.
    3:stay active
    4:use all hero’s in war and best troops

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