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Thread: IFR Sub-Forum running dry?

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    IFR Sub-Forum running dry?

    Hey guys,
    Ideabulb here and I recently checked the IFR Sub-Forum.

    Damn I was surprised to see, that there are barely any new ideas for Troops, Defenses or Spells.
    Just too much of small questions, asking for nerfs or buffs for certain level troops.

    I remember, like 2-3 years back when I joined these forums, the IFR sub-forum would really have super-cool ideas, with awesome folk like AnthonyVince and loads of others who put blood, sweat and tears into well-designed concepts of Troops and Spells.

    I just don't find too many of them these days when I thought I could be a good critic in that forum. And, if one Good Post is in the 1st Page one day, it would take lesser than a day for it to get pushed down to the 2nd Page, mainly because of other stupid questions and these Good Posts get lesser love than expected, it demotivates those who make good ideas...

    And most of the posts or threads are mainly about existing features. That Sub-Forum is really running dry.

    Even I am thinking of giving up hopes there. I made an idea for a Post that many users appealed to, but for no reason these posts get no love. I'm sure my post is now just hovering around in the 2nd or 3rd page. Here's the link if you do wanna see it -

    So what do you guys feel? Am I right? Am I wrong?

    Is there any way to revive the IFR forum or any suggestions on this? It may seem ironic to talk on ideas about an Ideas Sub Forum, but it needs some love and good posts need some attention.

    What do you think? Voice it out!
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    every forum suffers the same fate, mathway after sometime every forum becomes deserted
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