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Thread: Good members are so hard to find

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    Wherever there are the foolish starting new clans, I am there, wagging a finger,
    Quote Originally Posted by FIBAROS View Post
    Raising the price of starting a clan will do absolutely almost nothing other than stomp out the small fraction of th4 and under leaders. Not so smart people will always be dedicated to creating a clan even when they are not fit for it and making it 3 th4 raids worth of gold instead of 1 th4 raid worth of gold is not gonna deter most people. If we raise it to like 3 mil it will be a ridiculous price.
    Small fraction?

    You ever in global?

    Those clans siphon away members that will never get a chance to grow and learn game... instead they join clans that have a flurry of momentary activity, then the next couple times they log in... silence. So they go play Fortnite instead.

    Raising cost of clans will significantly funnel clashers into clans with leaders that are at least active enough to raid to get 300,000... instead of that clasher that found 40,000 in his loot cart from the last six months and decides its time to beg.

    That small fraction you speak of is the most vocal and eager beggars in global, making the younger clashers that join their clan feel like they are saving the world by joining. The type of clasher that is reluctant to continue hopping is the clasher that will keep the game going... but instead, his loyalty to stay in xxbeastmodexx clan means he just quits game.

    Small fraction? Certainly.

    But funneling new clashers into clans built by genuine clan leaders (even th4 clashers) is good for growth of game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zeldagod14 View Post
    Hey everyone, zeldagod14 here! Have you ever noticed just how hard it is to get good clan members? The problem is that all the good members already have clans! Only the guys who have been booted out are willing to join, and they usually end up getting booted. Rarely do I ever find a good person on global who happens to be looking for a clan, and even more rarely do they want to join up!

    Anyone know the best way to recruit members that actually care about clan rules? If so, tell me, cause I got nothin!
    Set your clan to open and fill it up like crazy. After your clan gets a few levels in clan perks, you can start advertising on clan forums and Reddit for new members and not just keeping anybody.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    Well don't play it then. The game is all about having fun. If you don't find that aspect of it to be fun, then don't play it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    What evidence I have seen suggests that most people are finding it fun. But obviously, not everybody will.

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    I agree there are far too many clans, and those in tiny or brand new clans are having a less fulfilling experience.

    The solution is an "up or out" system for clans. Give clans a time limit to hit certain goals, such as 30 days to five members, 90 days to ten members etc. If a clan is 30 days old with fewer than five members, automatically merge it with another clan in the same region and in the same situation, leadership goes to leader with the higher experience points. This way good crashers are not locked up in dead clans and everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of larger clan, such as clan wars, games, CWL, donations etc.

    They took the first step with clan leader replacement upon 90 days of inactivity. Time to go a step further and place some requirements on new clans.

    BTW I consider 15 to be a sustainable clan size and do not advocate any such requirements for clans that can reach and hold that level. Actual clan size and time deadlines would of course be up to SC to set and adjust as needed.

    Side note: sixty days to first thread complaints "SC stole my clan" as inactive leaders are replaced.
    UNICORNS! I want unicorns. Any clan that gets a 3 war win streak should have one villager replaced by a frisky little unicorn that frolics and gambols about the village. Let's make this happen.

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    I think giving penalties to people that hop from one clan to another will prevent some of the hopping. A sister clan or clan partnership program is good too so you can easily switch from one clan to another and not be but it's not one of the SC's priority right now.
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    Hard to get good player, that is why I no longer lead. But works both ways, hard to find a good clan.

    Looking for a clan that wants to win and play to win.

    Been in clan were they swears all the time. Good clan that have one or two bullies that eventually kills the clan.

    Good luck..
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    Its not that good players are hard to find.. it more that most of the good players are already taken.

    You have a finite number of players with an ever increasing amount of clans available.

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    What are you looking for Zeldagod? Max Th12 interest you? Just as hard to find a good clan with a leader that's not full of their self. dedicated but even my patience wears out. Let me know your clan if interested I'll take a look

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    Quote Originally Posted by winwin3as View Post
    I think giving penalties to people that hop from one clan to another will prevent some of the hopping. A sister clan or clan partnership program is good too so you can easily switch from one clan to another and not be but it's not one of the SC's priority right now.
    Why should SC give punishment to ppl that are jumping from a clan to another? Another day I went to a friend in another clan after he attacked me in mp... Should I get punished because I went there and 15 min left again?
    Some ppl like to travel between clan while other prefer to never leave but no reason to punish any play style.....
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    COC need to do somthing about this. Nowadays, the first thing done by a TH3/TH4 is creating a clan!

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    There are too many clans, I agree!
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