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Thread: Looking for FWA clan

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    Red face Looking for FWA clan

    Hello, my name is Alex. I'm 27 years old. From time to time i playing CoC. Atm i don't want to upgrade my TH9 to TH10 just because i want to max my heroes, lvl them up to lvl 30. Maybe it's crazy but i think it will worth it in the future.
    I'm looking for Farming Clan and would be happy to join one of them.
    Have a good day and take care.

    P.S. There is SS of my base, in case if someone curious.

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    Hello there,

    We are more of looters than farmers but the environment that we have at the moment is perfect for folks like you who wants to focus more on upgrading.

    Check us out.
    Currently Leader of Loot Inc. #9RC2GCCP, level 15, family-friendly, fair play US-based clan, home to some of the best looters in Clash of Clans.

    Our door is always open to any active, non-rushed TH7-TH12.

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    We are NBK. Come check us out. NBK is an adult clan, we are pretty relaxed and looking for active members.(No rushed bases plz). We encourage you to come join the team! Come join for CWL/War/Games. Right now we are placed gold 2 in CWL but can place much higher. If we get 3-5 solid players we will be set and will start climbing the cwl ranks faster. We will be riding out the easy loot till we settle in a comfortable league. If you’re looking for a chill and drama free clan, then you will be right at home here. We have an experienced team that can help with developing those three star skills. The clan will be using band app to communicate by voice and msg. But is not required. Promotion is based on war performance and activity. Join the dark side!! ������
    Clan ID #8ccj88pc

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