Crimson Snow is a new and active war/league clan looking for some new members. If you want to join though you need to meet a few requirements first, such as:

1. Your town hall in your main village needs to be level eight or higher. If your town hall is level seven or lower try grinding a little and get back to us when it's level eight.

2. Your trophy count in your main village must exceed 1400 (you need to be gold rank). If you have a trophy count of 1399 you need to complete another attack and get back to us when you're higher than 1400.

3. If your base is rushed (Your town hall is level 8 but all your other buildings are level one) you won't be accepted into the clan until you've played "catch up".

Those are all of the requirements so far, but there are a few rules that you need to follow. (Note: If you break any of these rules you will receive a warning, keep in mind though that once you have accumulated four warnings you will be kicked. The rules are as follows:

1. No discriminatory or racist text in chat, If you have a problem with another clan member you need to settle your differences elsewhere.

2. At the end of each week, you will be required to have donated a minimum of at least 100 housing space worth of troops.

3. Following the previous rule, if a clan member is requesting wizards don't donate them archers, only donate the troops that are requested by your clanmates.

4. You have two attacks during wars, you are expected to use both of them. (unless we've already three stared everyone on the enemy team)

5. If you are unable to participate in any of the wars, or you will be inactive because of work, school, vacation, etc... you need to do one of two things. Either, one set your clan war preference status (found on your profile) in game to (I'm Out). Or, two message me on discord via the link: (Btw Discord is free)

Please note that the rules and requirements on this page are subject to change so I recommend you check it every once in a while. Thank you for reading, we hope you join our clan and we look forward to playing with you in the future whether it's with or against.