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    Quote Originally Posted by zeldagod14 View Post
    How did we get to this point in this conversation?
    Must be something about Karens fat legs, as I understand.
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    Looks like Teen Titans.

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    Nope. 30 degrees C. Summer it is.
    I donít like the style, at all. I donít like the Clash-o-Rama art, either. But as long as it stays where it it, I donít care, because I donít have to deal with it much.

    I do like the current in-game characters. Not sure what I think about the giant-looking King and Queen, yet.

    I just hope if the Clash team likes it so much, that they donít decide to ďfixĒ something that wasnít broken and change more of the animation/design of the game itself. :/ I donít think I could handle it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Fine. Next loading screen will be my attempt at MS Paint. You'll be begging for the current one to return.
    Or, or..... you could just do the regular style of loading screen that no one had a problem with?
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