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Thread: Battle Machine Visual Glitch

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    Battle Machine Visual Glitch

    The Battle Machine in the Builders Village is experiencing problems where its movement and attacks will go out of sync, occasionally. There is also a chance it will completely stop moving, but still attack as normal. It doesn’t affect gameplay overall, but its movements aren’t synced with the attacks and it is obviously not working correctly.

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    I'm facing the same problem. Mainly when BM is hitting the crusher, after the first hit he got stocked for a while and dying to the crusher.

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    Same thing is happening to me!!! Mod please help!

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    Yes! Same thing happening to me since the update. Please help!

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    Why the battle machines' problem has not been fixed yet??

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    yep. that happenning to me too now!

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    Battle Machine bug

    Dear Supercell, I have noticed a bug since the new April update has been integrated into the game and it concerns the Battle Machine.
    When you activate it's ability for the second or third time in the battle, there is a visual bug which includes not seeing the BM hitting the building/troop, even though it still does the damage.

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