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Thread: Game Crashing when visiting someone's Base

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    Wink Game Crashing when visiting someone's Base

    Hi guys, my clash of clans game it's crashing everytime I visit someone's base and click on his boat to see the Builder Base.

    Im running CoC on my Samsung S8, Android 9.0 .


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    I've got the same error on both my devices.
    Others in my clan experience the same.
    Visir home town and tap the boat. If you're on your own Builderbase, and visit Others Builderbase you van see it. Just dont tap the boat.

    Samsung Galaxy S10+ Running android 9
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 running android 8

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    Im having the same problem...sort of
    Since updating It crashes every time I try and visit a base to attack...I then have to relog back In so until this Is fixed, I cannot attack anyone
    It also crashes when I log out to log into another account.
    Plus various other crashes...for example, when logged out automatically due to timeout, try to log back In by clicking OK and It crashes
    What a balls up this update Is..
    I have a couple accounts and this Is reproduced on every account
    Seems to do this at the clouds screen
    Im on an Android device
    I wish Supercell would hurry up and fix missing my clash drug fix.
    You would think, they would test, before releasing updates, as this Is the second update In a row, that Ive had problems after the update
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