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    Builder/Training/Research Boosts and Existing Research

    Q: If I unlock the Research Boost in the Gold Tier, does this speed up upgrades already in progress?A: Yes. If you unlock the Research Boost in the Season Challenges, it applies to both upgrades already in progress and upgrades you start after you unlock the Boost. However, due to how the timer functions, it won't show the correct discounted time until you close the app and open it again.

    So I bought the pass, got the research and building % reduction, nothing changed. Closed the app thrice, opened on another device and nothing has changed.

    It's been 9 days since I upgraded my hound to level 4, and I still have 4 days remaining on my 14 day level 5 upgrade.

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    It is not just "buying the pass". Go to the Challenges menu. Select the Reward tab. ..... Have you acquired enough challenge points to unlock that perk (reward) yet? If you did reach the 120 points for that reward, then did you claim the reward on that tab?

    The term unlock in the quote you posted means exactly that, perk requires an unlock condition, which I explained above.
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    Builder/Training/Research Boosts

    Do these boosts stack?
    Do these boosts last the whole season?

    Does the one gem donation reward last all season as well?

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    Yes it lasts

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    Im experiencing the same issue. I currently have a healer upgrade to lvl 5 going on. Before I unlocked the research perk I had 12 days left on the upgrade. After unlocking the time did not change. From what I can tell the time should have gone down to around 10d 19h.

    I have tried closing the game several times and still have seen no change. Is there something I am missing?

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    In-Progress Defensive Building Times Not Reduced After Unlocking 10% Builder Boost

    I currently have 4 building upgrades in progress. I've purchased the gold pass and have earned enough points to unlock the 10% builder boost perk. After unlocking the perk, the upgrade times of my 4 working builders has not changed.

    Running a Galaxy S8+ with Android 8.0.0.

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    Same question except with troop upgrades.

    I started a 10 day seige machine upgrade before reaching the 10% Research Boost perk, but it doesn't appear that the perk affected the current lab upgrade. Does this perk only work on new upgrades after you have achieved it, or is it supposed to also work on current upgrades?

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    You must "purchase" those boosts by completing challenges. Once you earn enough points then you'll be able to get those boost.

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    I'm in a similar boat. Unlocked and claimed the builder and research upgrades yet haven't seen a reduction in any upgrades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LapDawg View Post
    You must "purchase" those boosts by completing challenges. Once you earn enough points then you'll be able to get those boost.
    Please re-read my post details.

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