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    If you have something already being built or researched and you unlock 10%, 15%, or 20% those changes do not effect anything currently in progress...if you started research at 10% it will stay that way until it is finished....if you started a building at 10% it will do likewise, finish at 10% time even though you may have unlocked 20% in the meantime...

    SC did not explain this but if your expectation is that as you reach a new % tier and everything in progress should be cheaper and finish faster, it just does not, it was a bit of a surprise for me also....but that is the way it works....if you start at 10% it will finish at 10%, if you start at 15% it will end at 15%...etc...that is just how it works.

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    Sadly within my dismay and experience; if you have already started a construction or upgrade then obtain the percentage boost through the Gold Pass it does not effect the active time on the current timer. I assume the same thing goes with Research.

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    A build already started can be affected by unlocking a new boost level.

    For instance, if you started a 10 day build and unlocked a 10% boost before it reached 9 days left, it would take that build time down to 9 days, same as if you started it with the 10% boost in effect.

    Read back in the this thread. Others have explained it better than I can.

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