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Thread: Battle Machine is OP now

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    I just played a round and noticed my BM got shot by the giant cannon several times and didn’t die. I was like.... "yay, they finally fixed the BM". Before he was useless, now he's a useful part of your army. If only I had a reason to actually play BB any more.

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    Time to bump this thread, followed your advice guys and it worked out pretty good! I like the ability on the BM, got all my key defences to lvl 4 now. Maxed out Raged Barbs and brought my bombers to lvl 12. Got to 3000 trophies today so now I can enjoy the 1k free gems. Thanks again
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    I upgraded my BM before the nerf, thinking he’d be slightly less useless. His only purpose was to help my barbs not die within 10 seconds
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    Air wise night witches are crazy, a lot of ⭐⭐⭐ attacks against me are just start witches as far from base as possible and use battle machine to set of any traps that would kill them. I finished updating giant cannon literally just as the update stopping them from hitting battle machine multiple times came out 😂 My battle machine is low level but sometimes it does better than people hitting with maxxed out machines, definitely comes down to using it well, and it struggles as soon as it is exposed for long at all... also has a tendancy to walk dumb places... like past an archer tower and a double to start hitting a gold storage in range of a crusher 😅

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