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    Quote Originally Posted by IthakK View Post
    No update in Amazon Appstore :/

    This is what I came to post - don't want to start CWL if there's members of my team that can't log on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kannukanhashubhang View Post
    Where can we submit our feedback?
    You seriously need to ask that question with over 1400 posts ?
    In the update patch notes sticky of course, like always.

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    Battle machine gets stuck while attacking. Please have a look and fix it.

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    the gold pass is not proposed to me

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    Every builder has been set to 1 day 22 hours left except 1 builder with 1 percent on the builder bar

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    Things we're aware of:

    - Events tab blank - missing CWL countdown
    - App crashes when visiting other player's Builder Base
    - Battle Machine animation freezes on attack (keeps dealing damage though)
    - Update still not available in Amazon App Store
    - Gold Pass not available in Shop when visiting Builder Base

    Thank you for all your reports!
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    Battle machine gets strucks sometime when using ability

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    Builder potions don't seem to work. No"hasty builder" animations and no time reduction.

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    I purchased the pass but recieved no benefits. Does it take a minute to kick in? its been a bit since I purchased it.

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    During purchase, the desired account doesn't pop-up for purchase instead another one from the device pop-up.
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