We are a brand new NH started by experienced players.

Polite and Drama Free
Friendly and Chatty
Competitive and Helpful
Daily Players
300+ Tasks (320/400 preferred)
Derby Oriented (We want to win)
All nine tasks with 10th optional to win or place
Opt out if you cannot participate in derby

We are not hard and fast on rules. We understand life happens sometimes. We just want people who play daily, love the derby and want to win.

Current level threshold is 40. If you are under that or want to join with a friend who is, we can work with you.

We like a community approach to the derbys and want members who both ask for help and give help.

Drama, taking and not giving and not being polite will not be tolerated.

Having fun, making new friends, helping the NH and your neighbors advance is what we are about.

We may be new and small, but are are determined to grow.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, request to join.

Wild Hearts Helpers
Green Horse on a Blue Heart

Thank you and hope to hear from you!