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Thread: [Recruiting] LVL10. PENGASINGAN #8CCYUQU9 International clan, ⚔️{CWL}⚔️

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    [Recruiting] LVL10. PENGASINGAN #8CCYUQU9 International clan, ⚔️{CWL}⚔️

    Hello visitors/clashers,
    We are PENGASINGAN "Name is subject to change" Clan that has a group of solid old school gamer's that recently came back to the world of clash, we are welcoming with open arms and welling to start a strong bond in on our clan not just gamer's. The positive part in joining this clan is that we are active and always there to help and donate/donation has no limit and everything is donated, we would expect the same back. War is always active and we participate in Games and Clan War Leagues. Age isn't a matter as long as there is respect and rules to be followed.

    Hint: We are old school gamerz !! So you might learn a thing or two *winks*

    * Requirements to join:

    • Town Hall 9 Maxed and above.
    • Dedicated to grow with us.
    • Abiding the rules is a must.

    * Clan Rules:

    • As mentioned above, age is not a subject of matter. Maturity is !
    • Language is set to English only :Strictly.
    • Clan time zones is set to 24/7 always on, always active "In my eyes at least" ^.^
    • Donation minimum limit is 500/Cycle... Which is honestly fair and a good amount.
    • To sum it up, the basic rules ! No swearing, Polite replies and language.

    --) A very common thing in COC, Eldership and Co-Leaders and how they are earned ? as simple as it is shows below.

    - Elder requirements: Two cycles of minimum 1000+ donation and war 2/2 attacks will result in getting you Elder.
    - Co-Leader requirements: Only those who are mighty enough to take it as they will be trusted by all, Ones who give their all to the clan.

    "How Can I Apply"

    1. Town Hall level:
    2. Level of King, Queen etc..:
    3. In game name (IGN):
    4. Picture of base (If possible):

    Clan past is a past to never be forgotten, we started the clan about three years ago with only a group of 10 friends where we had to struggle to donate good troops for war and focused all our time on it as well. These days will forever be in our memories and now we are back to creating more memories with new dedicated players who share the same well as we do.

    "Hope to see you soon!".
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