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Thread: Need help correcting my rushed TH9.

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    RagginRabit basically said what I always say. I'll add in terms of what to upgrade....try to think about what you war with at higher levels. For me thats Air and bowlers/witches. So that's what I'm upgrading first (using hammers for the DE order to focus in the Hero upgrades).

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    For defences most definetly start with air, since it's the easiest to upgrade once you reach th9. (meaning baloons and hounds don't take much time to upgrade) I did my air, teslas and than the rest. For troops I'd say upgrade the ones you use the most (farming or cw, depends on how you play) and that's pretty much it. Upgrade walls once you have all the builders but one occupied and have a lot of resourses left unused (since u can use elixir and gold)
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