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Thread: Would I rather upgrade TH9 to TH10 or max out everything before?

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    Maxed everything on my main at th9 and 10 but went to th10 with 20/21 heroís on second account purely for fact didnít want to waste all that extra loot. With addition of siege machines and Miners itís a lot easier to farm DE at th10 while also progressing the lab (which takes longest at th10) than it is at th9.

    With CWL itís also far better to be a th10 with infernos and 20/20 heroís, sieges 20 more camp space and higher troops than a max th9

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    If you're wasting loot, then it becomes a bit tricky to answer your question;

    -if you're not concerned about war, MOVE UP without any thoughts. Th10 farming is easier.
    -if you can wait a couple months before going back to warring, MOVE UP.
    -if you're a war player and cant wait, you need to work on your heroes. With the inferno nerf and introducing of SMs, you don't need the GW to 3 a max th10. 10s can 3 other 10s and with higher level heroes, your chances to 3 also increase. In short, heroes are really that important.

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    Get your clan war unit and spell to max and upgrade ASAP . All my subs are th11 or th12 . Loot is best at th12 and th11

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