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Thread: Would I rather upgrade TH9 to TH10 or max out everything before?

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    Okay, but If in future I reach TH10, then what should I focus? DE again?

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    Rush to th10, th9 is too weak now. It cannot donate max troops. Th10, u have extra 25 troops, 2 extra spells space, and SEIGE easy to 3 stars th9 in war. Plus the way CWL work now...th10 is much better than th9.
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    I can go either way on this one. Looking at your profile, your troops are WAY BEHIND and while your heroes are in decent shape (20+ heroes are a must at TH10 imo), I would recommend siphoning some DE towards your lab before jumping to TH10. That said, I find farming at TH10 a lot easier than TH9; not that TH9 was hard, just that the DE hauls are much lower by comparison. You say that you're overflowing with gold and elixir (which I take to mean that your base is max TH9) so the only "handicap" you're going to see at TH10 is offensive. In this, I would make sure you have at least one max-TH9 farming army (and war army if that's something you plan on doing at TH10) before you upgrade. Plan on spending a good bit of time catching up your lab at TH10 though.

    I'm a max'er type player and must say I cringed a bit when I saw your profile, but only you know what works for you so if think you can handle TH10 at this point, go for it (no sense bleeding resources). Just make sure you have a plan.

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    I am a "maxer" most of the time. It takes some balancing effort from the beginning of a TH level all the way to the finish. Pushing too hard on defenses will unbalance your progression and what will happen is you will lose interest in the game. If you feel you just have to move to TH10 DO NOT BUY ANY DEFENSES until you catch up your heroes and troops.
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    Have you maxed out your walls yet? Not that they matter loads (although they do a bit) but I think it would be best to max your heroes first if you have a well to dump your gold and elixir. Otherwise I would recommend upgrading your town hall but starting off by focusing on heroes

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    To each their own and you gotta do what you feel suits you and your play style best. My recommendation would be to finish the grind and get your hero’s and troops maxed out. In my opinion it’s definitely worth it in the long run. I’ve maxed my hero’s, defenses and offenses out at each TH and have watched others struggle to keep up and get the same kind of results when they’ve rushed. (Even minimally on offense)


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    Imo, you are going to have to sit somewhere and catch up. You need lots of de. Th10 is it. As someone else said, max miners. Or do gobs low. Doesn't matter. Go to 10 and focus on lab and heroes exclusively. Dump gold and elixir into walls and point defenses. You will still probably finish defenses and walls before heroes and lab but it will be easier at 10. If your heroes are awake, it better be for league war to get hammers. Otherwise, they are in for the long sleep.
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    I was in this situation a like a month ago. I moved from TH9 to TH10 with really weak heros because I neglected DE.

    I had absolutely everything but my heros maxed.

    I absolutely positively do not regret moving up and I'm super glad I did because not only is it easier to farm DE IMO, but my builders are all going non-stop again and I have an outlet for my gold and elixir.

    I'm just farming for DE at TH10, putting all the emphasis on my heros, and letting the Gold and Elixir come as secondary. It's working.

    However, I also don't war. So if that's important to you, take my advice with some salt because it's not a "one size fits all" solution. You have to consider and weigh your options and ultimately decide what's important to you. I chose not to waste literally hundreds of millions in gold and elixir while waiting for my heros at TH9 and I'm now currently flying through TH10 because I'm able to put that G and E to work.
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    The 3rd DE drill at th10 makes a huge difference. So if you do decided to upgrade my suggestion would be to continue grinding your heroes to th9 max lvl. Build all of the new stuff except for inferno towers. Get the new defenses and traps to maxed lvl for th9 and once you have 30/30 heroes. Then place infernos and start maxing stuff for th10 lvl. That's just my two cent.

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    I was maxed Th9. Just my heroís werenít maxed for townhall. I made decision to upgrade to townhall 10 and to be honest it was the best decision Iíve made. Iíve managed to upgrade all defences apart from my 2 air sweepers which I have the loot to start one when update lands. If you can get your 3rd dark elixir pump and max all 3,the dark elixir you get at TH10 is well worth it. Iíve managed to upgrade all my dark troops so now I can just concentrate on heroís. Do the jump to TH10.
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