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Thread: Level 13 clan looking for TH7+ Players!

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    Thumbs Up Level 13 clan looking for TH7+ Players!

    Welcome to the recruitment thread for the UK clan Dorking Chicken, established March 2015.
    We are a clan of all ages looking for:
    - Non Rushed
    - TH7+
    - UK located
    - Donating

    We do clan wars all the time (with occasional 1 day breaks)
    Our clan wars are normally 25-30 people. We are a level 13 clan currently in Crystal I in clan war leagues.
    We have around 40 people in our clan and we actively donate. If you are going to join make sure you can attack in our wars - If not please opt out.
    Thank you and please donate, fight and enjoy our clan!
    - Luke

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