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Thread: A final tweek to the CW battle system to ensure fair play

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    A final tweek to the CW battle system to ensure fair play

    With all the changes made to the CW matchmaking last year I'm currently very happy with the fairness and feel of the spins we get.

    However, even with fair matches there is one feel bad moment left that still haunts our enjoyment of the CW experience. The classic "nr20 engineer on the map 3-staring our nr1 and nr2" and I now have a suggestion on how to fix it once and for all.

    It is well known that the CW matchmaking keeps track of any imbalance between offence and defence and factors it in, but once the match has been made nothing is stopping that nr20 from wrecking the top ... but what if it did ... ?

    What if imbalance in your offence and defence capabilities, when it gets big enough, also gave you a penalty on the war map? In other words a TH11 with lvl1 defences being nr20 on the map would, due to the imbalance, be restricted to hitting maximum x number of steps upwards on the war map. Small or even fairly standard imbalances would of course be left completely without a penalty to ensure that normal progression would never be effected by this.

    It would only affect the truly extreeme cases and limit their reach to completely remove these feel bad moments we all still face from time to time.

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