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Thread: I need a clan th7

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    I need a clan th7

    Hi i need a clan

    Id is #YPPQ28PYV

    Oh ya i am in a temporary clan now

    If u want me to join friend me
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    Hello there Sunny,

    This is a surprise. I thought you have stopped playing.

    Listen. It doesn't matter which clan you join, you have to be active. Don't let your account go without that League shield far too long. It only gives the impression that you have left the game.

    See you around, Sunny.
    Currently Leader of Loot Inc. #9RC2GCCP, level 15, family-friendly, fair play US-based clan, home to some of the best looters in Clash of Clans.

    Our door is always open to any active, non-rushed TH7-TH12.

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    Mast mason i was just away for a few days i stated that i was away

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    Fat Kitty Stars #28q99r2p2 the clan is only a couple of months old, nearly all new players. Up to 17 active bases now, a couple of new TH9, the rest TH8 downwards. We are all learning together and having fun. Pretty much back to back clan wars with around a 90% win rate, just about to enter our first clan war league.
    All we are looking for is active players TH9 or lower, who do their best for the team, and behave like decent human beings
    Steve: Hayday Leader JT Legend #J2JOLG2. 150+ golds “Team first, my barn is your barn”
    recruitment ad
    CoC coleader Fat Kitty Stars #28Q99R2P9 active clan, learning together and having fun

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    Chicken's Ice would be happy to have another th7.

    Chicken's Fire and Chicken’s Ice - farming/war clans are now recruiting

    Looking for generous donating, family friendly, organized, farming /warring clans? If so, you're in luck, Chicken's Fire and Chicken's Ice are recruiting.

    We are currently recruiting active th6 and higher accounts for CWL. Participation in regular wars is optional.

    Chicken's Fire (#Y0JU9QCC) welcomes responsible players 14+ yrs with town hall 12, 11 or high th10 accounts.

    Chicken’s Ice (#22QQ0QCGP) is our feeder clan for th10 and lower.

    Parents that join can bring their children under 14, but are responsible for ensuring their children follow clan rules. The rules are minimal and are designed to ensure everyone can enjoy themselves while playing.

    Chicken's Fire: We war once a week (Friday) and in Clan War Leagues. You can opt out if you don't want to do regular wars but we do encourage members to participate. All members are required to do clan games to ensure we always get the highest tier rewards for everyone.

    Chicken's Ice: We war once a week (Tuesday) and in Clan War Leagues. We were promoted from Gold III in our first season (6-1).

    We encourage everyone to donate.

    Players must be able to communicate in English.

    Rules, guidelines, promotion info etc. can be found on the Chicken's Fire website

    If you want more information you can contact us by email

    Clan: Chicken's Fire
    ClanTag: #Y0JU9QCC
    Clan level: 11
    Clan War League: Crystal II
    Wars: Once a week (Friday war search)
    Leader: Gudroll
    Location: International (we have members from USA, Canada, UK, Philippines, New Zealand and elsewhere)

    Clan: Chicken's Ice
    ClanTag: #22QQ0QCGP
    Clan level: 2
    Clan War League: Gold II
    Wars: One a week (Tuesday war search)
    Leader: Typhoon
    Location: International
    Feeder clan for Chicken's Fire for lower town hall members. You can jump to Chicken's Fire to request maximum level cc troops and spells for wars. Fire members are free to war in Ice too.

    We are a member of the Chickens United clan family.

    If you liked what you read and are interested in joining us please send a request and type "Saw the Forum Post" or similar in the invite request box.

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