Name: Reddit Farms (but we have nothing to do with Reddit; that was the name when I joined...2?...3?...years ago and we don't feel like changing it now)

Tag: #U9UUJ9

Currently open to all players level 50+ (current players range from level 63 through 132).

Language: English

Hi guys! We're a very chill and friendly neighborhood. We used to have a lot of players, but many of them have become inactive, so we're looking for new players to join us! The people who remain in our hood tend to be daily/regular players.

We've been in the Champions League almost from the start (we are occasionally demoted, but tend to get promoted back into the league in the next derby.) We don't demand that all derby tasks be 320s, but we try to stay above 310 for all of them. We don't expect members to spend diamonds.

We're looking for people who like to play, like the derby, and like to share/trade without being overly gung-ho or super competitive about the game. You don't have to play in the derby, but it's a plus if you do. And people who are willing to sell/trade expansion materials are especially welcome

Come join us! We're currently completely open to everybody over level 50, but we'll probably change to "request to join" in a couple of weeks after this is posted.

Feel free to PM me with any questions or, if you join our neighborhood, to say hi!