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Thread: Upgrade Priority for me?

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    Upgrade Priority for me?

    I am a relatively new th9 with max defenses and maxing walls. I have 50k in my dark storages with giants in the lab but my troops and heroes are trash. 9/5 heroes, level 6 archers, balloons, and wizards. Level four pekka, level 5 hogs, 2 valks, level 3 minions but level 1 golems, witch and hound. What do I do? **Update heal and rage max and all dark spells level 1*** please help!

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    heroes are trash. 9/5 heroes
    I have 50k in my dark storages
    Seems like you know the answer.
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    Definitely your heroes so that you can atleast do an effective lavaloon in war and even GoHo Perhaps in the distant future a queen walk?

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