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Thread: Nerfs and Buffs

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    Nerfs and Buffs

    Hey Pros/Gods/Mods of CoC and SC staff,

    Umm......I went to the Clash website.....Saw the
    THE ULTIMATE COMPLETE COMPREHENSIVE FORUM USER MANUAl.................But there wasn't any sight of these 2 words-

    As I see posts and threads, according to me Nerf is reducing the hp and dps and Buff is increasing the hp and dps of troops and defences.

    Am I right ?
    Am I wrong?
    Please tell me the right meaning if I am wrong

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    I’m not 100 percent sure that I understand what you’re asking, but I assume that you didn’t know the meaning of the words “buff” and “nerf”?

    But you’re right about that, nerfing is making a troop/defense/spell/... weaker in any way (for example DPS, HP, radius) while a buff is the exact opposite.
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    Nerf: Making a unit/building weaker, by reducint HP/Damage per second/Per hit
    Buff: Making a unit/building stronger/with new characteristics

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