Greetings, we are an active adult clan. Focus is on war and max clan games. We use a team strategy in war. Attacking bottom up and helping each other learn the three star attacks. In League war we go for targets that wI'll get us the most stars as a team. So sometimes a th10 will two star a th11 or 12 and we can three star their lower target. We plan and work together in chat and we have a Facebook group page. Say "slayer sent me" or something about seeing this post in forum in your request to join message to get in. English speaking American, Canadian, Mexican, Australian and U.K. Happy to add more nationalities. people in India/china often have trouble fitting into our war strategy as we are planning and attacking during their sleeping hours.
⭐️War focused
⭐️Max clan games
⭐️Level 17 and Masters I or II in league
⭐️Over 500 wins. Win loss ratio 5:1