Master Minds CW is a clan with players from all over the world but the majority of the members are from the US.

We are a clan that does wars and CWL actively but wars are optional. You are welcomed to opt in and out of wars based on your real life schedule. If you are opted in for war, you must use your attacks and any missed attacks in war will result in a kick.

A majority of our clan is TH 12. We are very active in donations and requests will always get filled quickly.

We are currently looking for TH9+ players who are friendly, active, mature, and are interested in warring and clan games.

We are looking for members that are looking for a permanent home to stay and grow in. We are a level 17 clan so you will enjoy all the clan perks.

Clash On!!

To apply:
Search for Master Minds CW or clan tag #8CRRC02R
Clan leader is DoT (tag #20JCP9Q) or DoUknowMe (tag #P8R0GJU)
When applying, please specify that you are applying through the forums.