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Thread: Wizards of War | Lvl 12 | Crystal L1 | Casual Mature Clan | Recruiting few more | 18+

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    Wizards of War | Lvl 13 | Crystal L2 | Casual Mature Clan | Recruiting few more | 18+

    About Us:

    Wizards of War, a level 13 clan was created over 5 years ago. We started as a group of friends and family but then grew into friends of friends and eventually recruiting good trustworthy folks. We are an adult clan, mostly consisting of ages between 20-40's and a few son's / nephews in the mix as well. The majority of us are located in the US (bunch of east coasters) as well as some Europeans.

    Our clan does well in wars and leagues with a higher win to loss ratio. Primary reason for our success is our active members, communication and coordination (a form of messaging outside of clash for attack reminders is optional but preferred). We donít judge attacks but rather we focus on improvement and sharing strategies.

    We have wars twice a week and anyone is welcomed to opt in & out of wars. We don't just kick for a failed war attack as we understand life comes before the game, however we expect everyone to be an adult on opting out of wars that you can't fully be dedicated to. If one can't continue to be an adult in this way, then ya know...

    The majority of our clan is TH9-12. We have about 15-20 very active folks that donate often. We aren't looking to be a 50 member clan as our focus is to be a clan that knows each other and allow everyone to participate in regular and league wars. Plus its much easier to coordinate strategies among 20-25 active players than it would be to 40-50 people.


    *Age: 18+ and English speaking

    *Be Active: Chat, donate, war, clan games...

    *Wars are optional but you must follow the (or suggest another) war plan and use both attacks if you are in war.

    *Clan Games are a group effort, we work towards getting the rewards so do what you can to contribute but don't let the game get in the way of real life. (We have been getting full rewards)

    To Join:

    Click on the link or find our clan:

    Request to join with a message stating "Forum" and your age. Once accepted, we would be curious to know a little bit about yourself as we will tell you about us. Such as where you are located, what clan you came from, etc.

    Clan Name: Wizards of War
    Clan Tag: #RQLQUP9

    Thanks for stopping by!
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