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Thread: 🔥Feeling burned by your hood? Neighbors got ya fuming? At Knott Pompeii it’s a blast🔥

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    🔥Feeling burned by your hood? Neighbors got ya fuming? At Knott Pompeii it’s a blast🔥


    Welcome my friends to the Knott Pompeii recruitment page;

    We are a highly experienced champions league neighborhood with many years of HD play under our belts.
    Our neighborhor levels range from high 40’s to 144 and are extremely active & ferociously competitive. (don’t let some of the lower levels fool you, haven’t you ever lost progress on a game before?) Those who do not compete lend immense support during the derby. We hope that you will be a good addition to our absolutely outstanding community.

    What we’re looking in a potiential candidate here at Knotts:

    •Minimum Level 45 with Town and personal train up and running. This is an important part of effective derby strategy and an absolute non-negotiable.
    •have all machines available for a your level purchased, or prepping to purchase. Again; vitally important for derby strategy
    *you should have a minimum of 6 fishing holes open.
    •MUST SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH/NO EXCEPTIONS. No you don’t need a degree, but you should be able to easily converse with the entire neighborhood. Good communication is crucial for things to keep running smoothly for you, and us. PLEASE NO SILENT PLAYERS.
    •21+ years only please.
    •someone who loves this game and is on all the time. Saying active player wanted is just not sufficient. We want more people that eat sleep and breathe Hay day. It’s just no fun being in a hood where everyone is quiet. Plus; how do you even get any help? We want others who pop in and out and intermittently throughout the day. There is nearly always someone on doing a little weeding or feeding.

    In derby players (you can absolutely join if you don’t participate in the derby, just request to be opted out) here’s what were looking for:
    -We place every derby. We achieve this by Only doing 320x10 tasks. 320-400 during special derbies.
    -folk who finish what they start. So, in essence, never trash a task and always, always finish all available tasks.
    -be helpful and aware of what others are doing. Eg. If you have revives, truck, town, or boat order task(s), remember to ask your fellow neighbor for assistance. And offer help in turn as well.
    - we ask that you specify when requests are NON derby related.
    -please be obsessive about sending townies back to the platform regularly. It is vital for efficiently completing town tasks.
    -communicate certain tasks you are better at performing, or do with greater ease so the leader and co-leader can help you and other neighbors organize the board. It will also help when we need to stack tasks.
    -concerning donations: give generously and you will get generously. Everyone watches the donation board so let’s try to keep it as balanced as possible. *its understandable that higher levels may give more, just do your best.
    -Trade with hood is preferable to selling extra expansion materials. This is so important to us, because we like growing together.
    -buying a 10th task is not normally required. Most will still do it and if it is ever needed we’ll let ya know.

    We know you have many choices for new neighborhoods, so here is what we can offer you if recruited:

    •farmers who join but do not wish to take part in derby will have the benefit of our groups generosity with rare upgrade items.
    •elder status once you join the derby. For ease of play.
    •safe, fun environment to chat, trade, buy and sell.
    •we use Facebook messenger to keep each other updated on tasks & you will be invited to join in on our “office shenanigans”.
    •no drama! What does that mean huh, no fun? No being silly? No staying up and chatting with your fellow neighbors into the wee hours of the night? Nope. It simply means we are not here to trick, troll, cheat, or manipulate others in our hood. If drama is what you seek, you need not move forward with us. There are other games better suited for the chaos seekers. (Perhaps try Fortnite or Roblox).
    •amazing opportunity to come in on the ground floor of a truly groundbreaking neighborhood.
    •THE ONLY ACTIONS THAT WILL PUT YOU IN THE DOG HOUSE AND POTENTIALLY GET YOU KICKED ARE SHOP RAIDING DURING TRADES, FREELOADING, POOR SPORTSMANSHIP, and NOT FINISHING DERBY TASKS. These actions severely hinder if not cripple derby progress and will NOT be tolerated. (Know that if something comes up during derby that affects your ability to finish we will try and work with you to get finished). Just be vocal about it; don’t ignore or delete your task thinking no one will notice. Someone surely will.
    •we have recently started an in neighborhood trading post for rare items. You may ask for rare items once daily. Try to not take advantage of this please.

    In closing, I believe our hood has unlimited potential and will really reach for the stars in worldwide derby and boat rankings. We want everyone here to enjoy their time and the people they meet. We are out not only out to build an amazing neighborhood, but a strong community of friends that are more like family. We here at Knott Pompeii tag#PRVLUQ29 extend a warm and sincere invitation for you to join us in this epic journey of growth and derby domination. Let’s all work smart and start piling up those gold trophies! Everyone has to start somewhere, so why not start here with us?
    We know you will not be disappointed; come join us. (We are invitation only; please DM me or send a friend request: tag#82PCJOOYY. (Double O, not zero). if your interested). WE DO PLEASE ASK THAT NEW RECRUITS SIT OUT THEIR FIRST DERBY UNTIL YOU LEARN HOW WE OPERATE. We all hope to see you very soon! -Zee & the Knotts crew.
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