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Thread: [New Feature] Season challenges in API (update April 2019)

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    I forgot...

    [New Feature] Season challenges in API (update April 2019)

    First of: sorry for reposting here, but I fear the question seem to have gotten lost in the f2p v p2w discussion in general - I checked multiple times now, and the question has not received an answer (several mods & Darian posted replies since).

    Quote Originally Posted by PaluEF View Post
    Only two questions with multiple implications :

    - How will these changes be reflected in the game’s API files?
    Will the new challenges/feature be visible somehow? Better than cwl? has it been considered?
    Similarly, for the hero skins: will these be visible in the API?

    - About the feature, its hero skins and event ‘boosts’:
    Are they visible for the participant/‘purchaser’ only, for his clanmates/friends/opponents only, anyone/everyone? how for boosts (as they are different from gem/potion boosts)?
    Are they represented on the profile somehow?
    Is there a history functionality/achievement associated?
    I am interested to see if this aspect can be discussed, seriously.

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    The API could really use some love. Still doesn't have the ability to tell when someone has a hero upgrading, or a person's war status. Too bad they can't open source it, plenty of people here would love to help.

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    I forgot...
    The closest thing to an answer to that second question above (who sees what), and only specific to skins:

    Quote Originally Posted by partsguy View Post
    ... I have no interest in the skins, can you toggle them off?
    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    If you're referring to seeing the skin on your own Heroes, you have to manually choose which skin you want selected as the active skin. If you never select a different one, it will remain on the default original skin.
    However, if you're referring to seeing skins on Heroes of players who attack you, well...there's no toggling that off.
    So the skins will be visible in game: will they in API ?

    PS:after a few days without an answer, and I haven’t made this too obvious I think, while hiding it in one of the least visited portion of the forum: SC may have forgotten there was an API.

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