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    Season Challenges - Developer Update Video

    Hey Clashers,

    You knew it was coming, you've waited patiently for it, and now here it is...the Developer Update video.

    In this video, Designer Eino and Community Manager Darian discuss the coming update: Season Challenges. Check out what these new challenges are, what the amazing rewards are, and how you can get the monthly exclusive Hero Skins!

    Ok now that the video has been released and you've had a chance to see it, I'll be adding answers to questions below.

    Q: How do I upgrade to the Gold Tier?
    A: The Gold Tier can be purchased for $4.99US.

    Q: What will the price for the Gold Tier be in my region?
    A: The price will be the equivalent of 500 Gems in the Shop. So, whatever the price your Shop lists for 500 Gems, that is what the monetary price for the Gold Tier will be.

    Q: Are there plans to add season passes, like 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month Season Challenges?
    A: We don't have any plans to add additional packaged passes.

    Q: How long does the Gold Tier last?
    A: Once you upgrade to the Gold Tier, it lasts for the entire season, from the date of the upgrade to the last day of the season.

    Q: How long are the Seasons?
    A: The Seasons start on the very first day of the month and end on the very last day of the calendar month.

    Q: Is this a subscription service?
    A: No. Each Season is completely optional and entirely up to you if you want to upgrade to the Gold Tier.

    Q: What do I miss out on if I stay at the free Silver Tier?
    A: Your game play will remain completely unchanged. You will still get the Silver Tier rewards. But if you want to complete all of the tiers and get the full rewards, including the Hero Skins, you will need to upgrade to the Gold Tier.

    Q: How do I get the Hero Skins?
    A: In order to get the Hero Skin, you need to upgrade to the Gold Tier and progress through the reward track. The Hero Skin is the very last reward you unlock.

    Q: Are the Hero Skins permanent?
    A: Yes! Once you unlock the Hero Skin, it will be a permanent part of your Hero's wardrobe. The more skins you collect, the more options you'll have to make your Heroes look fabulous.

    Q: Are more Hero Skins coming?
    A: Yes, we are adding a different Hero Skin every season. There will be new Skins for the Archer Queen, Grand Warden as well.

    Q: Is that why the Barbarian King and Archer Queen models look different?
    A: Correct! We had to convert them to 3D models in order to be able to create different skins.

    Q: How long do I have to collect the rewards from either the Silver Tier or Gold Tier?
    A: You can collect any of the rewards you've unlocked at any point until the end of the Season, so make sure you collect them before the season ends.

    Q: How do I receive the resources from the Season Bank?
    A: At the end of the Season, the Season Bank will automatically withdraw the resources stored and will place them into your resource storages.

    Q: What happens if my resource storages are already full when the Season Bank empties out?
    A: It will overflow the resources beyond the maximum. Keep in mind, if your storages are maxed beyond capacity, you won't be able to collect resources from your Collectors until you're back under the max again.

    Q: If I don't have Archer Queen or Grand Warden unlocked, will I still be able to receive new skins for the Heroes?
    A: Yes! Any skins you unlock are permanently yours and will be waiting for you when you unlock those Heroes.

    Q: When can I withdraw the resources from the Season Bank?
    A: The resources in your Season Bank cannot be withdrawn until the season ends. At the end of the season, the resources will automatically be placed into your Resource Storages when you next log on.

    Q: If my Magic Items storage is full, what happens if I earn additional Magic Items from the Season Challenges?

    A: Like the in-game Events, you will be able to sell any excess Magic Items for Gems. Once you use enough of that Magic Item to be below the maximum you can store, you will be able to receive more again.

    Q: If I have an upgrade already in progress when the update is released, will my Building/Upgrade/Research timer be affected?
    A: When the update is released, if your current timer is longer than the new time then it will be automatically shortened to the new maximum time. If your timer is shorter than the new time max, then the timer will remain unaffected.
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    sounds really good. wait one......."bad". paying 5€ per month to get better rewards and skins? really? why not making 5€ to play clash of clans?

    i totally like the idea of getting rewards for playing and personal quests. but why making it for money? i know you want to earn money......more money.

    are the skins still available even when i dont pay for gold anymore?
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    Edit: thoughts about season challenges!
    This is a brilliantly Thought, well Put System for Players on the Individual level! In my view this will be a great long term support and Huge incentive options for players just like huge games have done so such as Fortnite and Pubg, which is their Core (kind of) to keep the every day gameplay fresh. Although I'm f2p I look forward to see the rewards in silver tier. I wonder what would be the Price for gold Tier.
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    Hey all,
    It is with a heavy heart that we are here to inform you that we have decided not to continue the Rush Wars beta.

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    Very nice!!!
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    So there's loads of players as usual moaning about £4.99 for gold pass, money grab P2W F2P dead etc. etc.

    My question how is this update and 4.99 pass is any different to before where gemmers bought ton of gems and progressed quicker?

    Only thing you won't get is skins, rest with time and commitment you can achieve and you still get free stuff

    Moaners will always moan no matter what, there are people on these forums who's main objective is to be negative and find negatives in everything
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    Just wondering how much gold tier is going to cost, I guess I'll find out on the 1st.

    Edit: answered above.
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    I guess I have NO CHOICE but to buy the gold reward tier.
    My arm is being forced since they announced the exclusive king skin.
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    OMG! Thanks for the dets!

    Thanks to DragonX101 for the awesome sig!


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    Its Taste's Awesome......Thanks Darian !!!
    Season Bank (Can't wait for it)

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    Pretty excited fr the update

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