We are two flatmates who both play Hay Day and we recently made a neighbourhood with just us two in it (hence the name, sorry), so that we could be in a serious derby together. But we found that we enjoyed the derby more than we anticipated, and so we would like to find more players to join us so we can do better in the derby. We are both level 42 at the moment, but are very reasonably active players.

Feel free to join our neighbourhood if you:
- Are above level 30
- Are fairly active and chatty
- Do your best in the derby
- Are friendly

We don't take the game extremely seriously but are very active and do as many derby missions as we can! We are also looking for friends to play with so if you just want to be in a wholesome neighbourhood (and have your trees repaired within 30 seconds), don't hesitate to join: 'Nora and Lara' #PV20R99Y

Nora and Lara x