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Thread: Riverbears

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    See our websites:

    Riverbears is a sister clan to Cavebears, Icebears and Skybears. All clans are inhabited by highly war-like Vikings who have raised uncivilized behaviour to an art form.


    You are required to be 18 years old and over to join Riverbears.
    You are required to read the first three posts of this thread.

    If you can meet those two requirements you will be joining one of the best organised, socially active, entertaining and generous clans you will ever meet.


    Riverbears is a clan for active, mature people who uphold strong moral and family values, believe in the rule of law and the sanctity of marriage, are proud of their people and culture, maintain ethical personal beliefs, and indulge in brutally barbaric blood-thirsty ceremonies. In other words, they are a really great bunch of people to hang out with. If you are a Viking. Or want to become a Viking.

    The typical Riverbear plays CoC most days, but will occasionally have a day or two off to attend to the mundane details of life such as earning money, studying, mowing the lawn, eating dinner, and paying attention to their partner.

    A Riverbear cares little for trophy counts and rankings, either as an individual or for the clan. What is important to a Riverbear is a lively, funny, social chat with lots of donations going around, and lots of chat about CoC. Riverbears respect their fellow clan members and believe in assisting other players, especially new ones, to improve their villages, their tactics and strategy, with friendly helpful advice. Or they may just simply throw you off a nearby cliff. Depends on whether or not they like you, and how much beer they have been drinking. (Here's a tip, don't join us on a Saturday night)

    Sounds Great! How do I join?
    ....and please do tell me more about these brutally barbaric blood-thirsty ceremonies.

    To join follow these easy steps.

    1) Read the first three posts page of this thread. Later on, after you have joined, read the rest of this first page.

    2) Make a post on this thread. If you like, just say "hi, I would like to join" and tell us your in-game username. Then join us. Do not wait for a response on this thread from us, we will read it eventually. You are now ready to join Riverbears.

    3) If you are already in a clan, leave it.

    4) Search for Riverbears and apply to join. Please be patient while someone sees your request and accepts you in. Be prepared to chat at first and answer some mostly friendly questions from the Elders. The Elder's job is to make sure that new recruits have actually read the first three posts of this thread and to check recruits' age. We do not think this clan is suitable for children and we will remove any recruits who display childish behaviour.

    That's it.

    We have rules that are fair and reasonable. These rules exist for one purpose only. To provide an enjoyable gaming environment for all our members. We have a great clan full of great people and we intend to keep it that way. So please read the rules before deciding to join. Otherwise we will throw you off a cliff.

    We value having mature, literate, English speaking people in our clan who have taken the time to read through our rules and understand them. We also like sightseeing a lot and know of some very nice high cliffs, many of which have very nasty, very sharp, pointy rocks at the bottom. Yes. Very pointy. But do not think we are completely without mercy. We will give the person a pillow to hold before we push them off the cliff.

    OK, still sounds good, I dislike clans full of brats and I know how to throw a battle-axe, but what are these rules you mentioned? And when do we jump in the longships and invade somewhere?

    The rules of our clan are contained in the Way of the Viking. Good mannered Vikings follow these rules. Bad mannered Vikings get burnt at the stake, chucked to the crocodiles, cast into volcanoes, feed to the sharks, squashed under Brian (our friendly but rather large pet elephant), or possibly have their beer substituted with Chardonnay. Yes. Shocking. But we are Vikings. We do not drink Chardonnay.
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    The Way of the Viking.The Rules.

    To ensure a fair and reasonable Viking society where we are free to pillage and raid and drink out of skull cups it is necessary to have some rules.

    1) Deliberately offensive language to any member will not be tolerated.
    An elder has the right to kick anyone who does this. The elder needs not consult with anyone to enforce this. This includes deliberate insults, swearing and derogatory language that no Viking would ever stoop so low to use.

    2) Do not ask to be an elder. Do not even discuss it.
    Anyone asking to be elder or discussing it will be kicked immediately

    3) (a) Donations. Please only donate Archers. Nothing else unless someone specifically asks for it. Manage your troop production so that you always have archers spare to donate. Make sure you queue up some archers in your barracks before you go raiding so you have some ready to donate when you return. If you donate anything else then you have obviously not read this thread and we will not throw you off a cliff. No. We Vikings like a bit of variety. We will throw you into a Volcano instead.

    3) (b) Members are required to donate at least 50 troops per week. Any qualifying member who for personal in-real-life reasons knows they will not be able to meet this target may request "sleeper status", (see "Members' rights" in the next post for more details.) Note: New recruits are not expected to meet donation requirements immediately, especially if it is late in the week when they join.

    3) (c) Do not start asking for a donations without out first saying something in chat. Just say "hi" when you log in at least. This is especially important for new members. Do pay attention to the chat. You are expected to check it to see if anyone else needs a donation. You should always respond to an elder if they ask you a question. That is their way of checking that new recruits are paying attention to the chat. You may be kicked if you do not respond to an Elder or the leader. In fact it is highly likely you will be kicked.

    3) (d) Donation behaviour. A player may be kicked if they are observed to constantly ask for donations without donating first to outstanding donation requests in the chat. This requires the agreement of at least three Elders. Such a member observed to be asking for troops may have his village inspected. If the member is seen to have no archers present in the army camps then this may be taken as evidence that the member does not intend to donate, and may be used as grounds to remove the member from our clan.

    In other words you log in, you check the chat to see if anyone needs troops, you donate your troops, and only then do you ask for troops in return. Please scroll down the chat window to see if there are any outstanding troop requests. If you log in, ignore other people's troop requests and then start asking for troops, you are breaking this rule.

    Another way of putting it is this: Donate first, ask for donations later. If no one is wanting troops when you log in, fine, say "hi" and then ask for troops. That is okay.

    4) Respect. As a mature minded person you will respect others and deserve respect in return. This means you don't mind donating your high level archers in return for lower level archers because you know its more important to help each other than to worry about the level of troops you receive. When you give advice to other members about tactics and the layout of their village you do so in a friendly manner without any trace of sarcasm or condensation, because you know everyone is at a different stages in the game and some have been playing it for less time than others. Any member who repeatedly does not show respect may be kicked.

    5) To remain in Riverbears you must have posted on this thread. Or be a visiting Cavebear. You may have heard something about cliffs and pillows before. When we discover a member has not posted in this thread and is not a Cavebear, then they will have a very close up and personal experience with a cliff. Both from up at the top of it and at the bottom. Some leeway will be shown with this, obviously, since we are sometimes an open invitation clan. We will allow time for new recruits to post.

    6) We worship THOR, a mighty Viking God,
    if you do not know this when an elder asks you, then you have obviously not read the rules and you will be burnt at the stake. We have no place for heretics in our clan. Thor will see the smoke rising and know that we are doing His holy work. Doubtless Thor will be pleased with us and grant our warriors extra strength in battle. BY THOR!

    7) A member may be kicked if they display immature behaviour. Two elders who are online at the time must together agree with each other that the player in question is being immature and should be kicked.

    8) Do not leave the clan unless you have posted the reason in this thread.
    This clan is not a drop in centre for hobos and tramps. Anyone who leaves the clan without first letting us know will never be welcome again. No exceptions.

    10). Inter-clan movement. We have a total of five sister clans. Riverbears, Cavebears, Skybears, Thunderbears and Icebears. Members may choose to move between the clans but must first have the approval of an Elder or Leader. Don't just say "Okay. I am going off to Cavebears now, see ya!" in the chat and leave. Wait until an Elder or the Leader approves. No Elder or leader on line? Then don't move until one is, otherwise you risk being blacklisted from all our clans. Members are also encouraged to post their intentions in the relevant thread to avoid being mistaken for clan hoppers. In addition do not hop back from one Bear clan to the other like a flaming yo-yo. If you do move then stay for an entire week. This rule of course does not apply to Members who have been asked by the leader or the Guardian to move for whatever reason.
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    The Way of the Viking.Your Rights

    As a member you have rights.

    1) You have the right to remain in this clan unless you have broken one of the rules above. You can not be kicked unless you break one of those rules. However you may be kicked out if you have ever been kicked out of one of our other clans for rule breaking.

    2) You have the right to vote in clan decisions if you oppose any proposals made by the Guardian, the Leader or any of the Elders.
    If you do not vote then you are counted as agreeing with the proposal. This is known as the Deadman's hand policy. Clan decisions will be first put forward as a "proposal" in this thread. They can then be discussed in this thread for a few days. If the proposal is not opposed by a majority of members within a week, it will then be automatically passed and become part of our rules or constitution. Ignorance of new rules and new decisions will not be accepted as an excuse, all members should check this thread at least once a week to see if there have been any changes.

    3) You have the right to participate and initiate discussions within our community group forum. You can find this by clicking on my profile and selecting "community groups" Our community group is called "Riverbears", an inspired name that by a strange coincidence happens to exactly match the name of this clan. Community groups threads are where various ideas can be discussed first before they are written in this thread as a proposal.

    4) You have the right to ask for "sleeper status". Sleeper status is given to members who for personal in real life reasons can not be active in the clan. Perhaps they are going on vacation, or on a business trip. Perhaps they have exams, or are moving house. Whatever the reason a member should post here on this thread and ask for sleeper status for whatever period of time they need. Members with "sleeper status" will not be expected to be active and will not be kicked from the clan. However sleeper status will only be granted to members who have previously been active and have donated well. Sleeper status is not intended as a way for some members to get out of their clan responsibilities. Sleeper status may be extended up to four weeks, after which we will consider you to be undead, and you will then be moved into "zombie status".

    5) You have the right to drink from a skull cup that doesn't leak. However we do not guarantee that the skull cup will be clean or completely free from remains of the previous owner's brain tissue.
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    So what's the deal with two clans? Cavebears and Riverbears?

    Presently we have three clans. Riverbears and Cavebears and Icebears. The standard of conduct in all clans is the same. We are Vikings. We are barbaric. We do Viking stuff like chop people's heads off, worship Norse Gods, throw our enemies into volcanoes, have wildly drunken parties, invade countries in our longships, etc. When we feel like misbehaving we do the same things, but with no clothes on.

    In addition to this we actively encourage helpful and friendly chat to our fellow Vikings. All clans have a minimal trophy requirement. Both clans share the same structure in terms of general rules about behaviour, how decisions are reached, the role and selection of Guardians, Leaders and Elders, and the rights and responsibilities of members. Both clans insist that new recruits respond to chat and that all members should announce their presence in chat at least once before asking for donations.

    The differences between the clans are these:


    Riverbears has 50 troops per week donation requirement at the moment.

    Cavebears members must donate at least 200 troops per week to be "safe" from being kicked out. See the Cavebear thread for more details.

    Icebears has no donation requirement.


    Riverbears must post in this thread in order to remain in the clan.

    Cavebears do not have to post in any thread. But they are considered more valuable members if they do so.

    Icebears is currently a low activity clan and has no requirements.

    There are mysterious and secret reasons why the Guardian has set up the clans like this. It is probably not best to ask.


    Riverbears and Cavebears are unique in having a political structure that includes the position of Guardian in addition to the Leader and Elders. The role of the Guardian is shadowy and mysterious. The Guardian can often be found in places of disrepute, usually drunk and slumped over a bar. Other than upholding our Viking culture, the Guardian performs an administrative role, ensures that the rules of the clan are upheld, and provides advice and assistance to the Leader. The Guardian is responsible for guiding the long term strategic interests of the clan by maintaining and updating the rules when and if necessary. When sober.

    So why bother having a Leader then?

    The relationship between the Guardian and Leader is essential to maintaining the long term stability of the clan. The leader applies the rules, the Guardian ensures the rules are applied justly. The leader controls the elders, the Guardian appoints the elders. The leader acts on advice from the Guardian but is often not bound by the Guardians recommendations. Both the Leader and Guardian deny each other power, so a balance exists where they are forced to work together for the benefit of the clan.
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    The selection and role of Elders

    The selection of Elders

    At this point elders may only be appointed by:

    1) The Guardian
    2) The Leader with the approval of the Guardian.

    Elders are selected on the following compulsory criteria:

    1) Their willingness, as an elder, to sacrifice their time and effort to help other members and to ensure that rude, disruptive, immature and otherwise unsuitable people are kept out of our clan.
    2) Their willingness to sacrifice their time and effort for the benefit of all our members by helping to promote our clan and our culture through the forums
    3) Their willingness to sacrifice their time and effort for the benefit of all our members by participating in important clan policy discussions and votes.

    Elders are selected on the following optional criteria.

    1) Consistently high donation counts
    2) Being active in clan chat
    3) Being active in this thread
    4) Giving highly quality advice and help to other clan members
    5) Behaving as suitably barbaric Vikings
    6) Geographical location.
    7) Length of time within our clan.

    It is entirely up to the Guardian and the Leader to decide the relative weighting given to each of the criteria. Some elders may be selected entirely on the basis of just one criteria, some may be selected on the basis of several or all criteria.

    The role of Elders.

    As a group the Elders are the keystone of maintaining our clans culture and strength. Elders ensure that people joining our clan are compatible with our ethos, understand and follow our rules, are encouraged to chat, are encouraged to adopt Viking behavior if not already a Viking, and to be familiar with at least the first page of this thread.

    Elders are responsible for the following:

    1) Applying the rules of this clan. Elders should always consult with each other where possible before kicking any member for rule breaking. The exception to this is (4) below.

    2) Accepting new recruits. If Riverbears is at "invite only"

    3) Screening new recruits. A soon as a new recruit is accepted the elders are to question them. How did they find our clan? Have they posted on this thread? Do they know who we worship? Do they know what to donate and what not to donate?

    If the new recruit does not give suitable answers, or evades the questions, responds aggressively, or fails to respond in adequate time, it is up to the discretion of the Elder to kick the new recruit out, with the agreement of another elder if at all possible. If in doubt, leave the new recruit alone, we can always weed them out later if they are not suitable.

    4) KICK IMMEDIATELY, without the need to consult with another elder, any member, new or old, who does any of the following:

    a) Deliberately uses offensive language obviously intended to offend, belittle or insult any member.
    b) Attempts to poach our members.
    c) Asks for eldership.
    d) Continues to make inappropriate or immature comments after having been warned by an Elder.

    5) Warn only once if:

    a) The new member wants to discuss eldership. Refer them to the first page of this thread. If they bring it up again, kick them immediately.
    b) If the new member makes a mildly inappropriate comment.

    6) Do not accept into the clan any recruit who

    a) Asks to join so they can talk with a "friend"
    b) Any ex-member who left without permission from the Leader or notice posted in this thread.
    c) Any ex-member who was kicked form the clan.

    7) Do accept any member from the Cavebears clan.

    8) Promote immediately to Eldership any Elder, Leader or Guardian from the Cavebears clan.

    9) Elders are expected to post on this thread at least once a week.

    The Selection and Role of Leadership.

    The Riverbears clan has a rotating leadership. Leaders are selected from Elders.

    This is the process by which Leaders are selected.

    1) At least once a week, on Monday afternoon a new leader will be selected.
    2) The Guardian will post the name of the new leader on this thread
    3) The current leader will then promote that person to leader.

    These are the criteria by which the Guardian chooses the new leader:

    a) They are very active, both in chat and in donations
    b) They have posted on this thread in the past week
    c) They have actively engaged in our barbaric culture and are well known for their bloody exploits.
    e) They are willing to accept the leadership role.

    Note. No ordinary member may become leader. Nor may any ordinary member seek to influence the Leaders decision.

    The role of the Leader is as follows:

    1) To act as an elder at all times. but in addition to this:
    2) To support and moderate the actions of Elders
    3) To cast deciding votes where Elder votes are tied.
    4) To ensure this thread remains on page one of Clan Talk.
    5) To promote the healthy culture of Barbaric Viking behavior.
    6) To remove from the clan any elder who fails to meet the required standards of the Riverbears clan or breaks the rules.
    7) To read the list of members to be removed that the Guardian has posted on this thread each Monday. The leader must then kick those members out of the clan, unless there are reasonable grounds for keeping them.

    The Selection and Role of the Guardian
    The Selection and Removal of the Guardian.

    1) A new Guardian can only be selected by the the current Guardian. The Guardian shall always be a previous Riverbears or Cavebear leader.Leadership experience from any other clan does not count. The Guardian will always carry the rank of Elder while being a Guardian.

    2) The Guardian shall remain in position until:

    a) They relinquish the position of Guardianship in this thread, in which case the Guardian will select the new Guardian.
    b) The leader calls a non confidence vote in this thread or
    c) At least three elders call a no confidence vote in this thread, in which case for both (b) and (c) the Leader must nominate a new Guardian.
    d) The current leader may not nominate themselves as Guardian.

    No confidence votes are subject to a negative Deadman's hand policy: Over half of existing members must vote to remove the Guardian by individually posting "No confidence" in this thread within a week of the no confidence vote being initiated.

    The role of the Guardian.

    The Guardian is responsible for monitoring administration details regarding

    1) Members and Elders who are not meeting Riverbear standards of activity in the forum, or an other requirement that comes into effect in the future. The Guardian will post a list of those members to be removed for such reasons on this thread each Monday afternoon. It is up to the leader to confirm or deny those on the list and to see they are either kicked or retained in the clan. The Guardian may also request that certain members move from one clan to another sister clan. If the Guardian makes a formal written "Guardian Request" in this thread it may not be refused. Refusal will result in the member being removed from our clan and blacklisted from all bear clans.

    2) Ensuring that the original values, atmosphere and ethos of the Cavebear clan are maintained over time.

    3) To act as an elder at all times.

    4) To advise the leader on all matters as and when either expedient or requested.

    5) To promote and encourage the growth of the Riverbear culture, which is gratuitously violent, barbaric, uncivilized, heinous, unwashed, rather smelly, and soaked in the blood of its enemies.

    6) To initiate proposals, and to moderate proposals raised by Elders and Leaders.

    7) To prevent the removal of any member or elder unless that person has actually broken one of the current rules.

    8) To resign from the position of Guardianship if any member or elder is unlawfully removed from the clan. To declare the clan illegal, form a new Bear clan, and invite all, by PM, existing members to leave and join the Guardian in the new clan.

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    Riverbears Decision Making Policy

    Decisions regarding the creation of new rules and amendments to existing rules in Riverbears are conducted two ways.

    1) By Guardian Proposal

    A Guardian proposal is one initiated by the Guardian and may include the Guardian soliciting feedback and opinions from members and elders. The proposal is written in this thread and comes into effect immediately. A guardian proposal may only be overturned by a majority vote against it under Deadman's hand policy. Members have one week form the time the proposal was posted in the thread to vote against it.

    2) By Leader or Elder Proposal

    Any elder may with the permission of the Leader or Guardian make a written proposal in this thread. The Leader may also make a proposal in this thread. The Guardian has the right to veto any proposal made. Any proposal made and not vetoed by the Guardian will pass under the provision of the Deadman's hand policy. The proposal must be posted in the thread for one complete week until it passes.


    This policy means a proposal will pass unless a majority of members vote against it.

    The deadman's hand policy is intended to streamline the decision making process in our clan and prevent the passive resistance of a minority impeding the progress of the majority. In effect it places the responsibility for denying change upon those who would oppose changes to the rules and nature of our clan.

    Put simply. If you agree with any proposal made then you need do nothing. The absence of your vote will be counted as a "yes" in favour of the proposal.

    If you disagree with any proposal then you must vote here on this thread in order to oppose the policy. Simply state "no" to the proposal in question. If you do not make your intentions clear by stating "no" then your post will be counted as a "yes".

    It requires at least a 50% "no" vote to prevent a proposal being passed and becoming part of our rules.
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    This Recruitment/Information thread
    Yes. This one. The one you are reading right now.

    Riverbears uses a variety of ways to communicate with its members. Foremost is this thread. All members are encouraged to check, at least once a week, the very front of this thread for updates (the tiny writing right at the top of this front page), and to check the last posts on the last page for latest discussion.

    The Riverbears Community Group.

    Once you have posted on this thread I will send you a friendship request. That will put you in touch with all the other friends listed on my profile. It will also allow you to see our community group discussions. The community group is where we often discuss ideas and suggestions before acting upon them. You will also be able to follow and join in on discussions happening in the Cavebears community group. All members may join our community groups. The easiest way to see our community groups is simply to click on my profile name on the right of this post. Yes. Just click on the name "Cavebears" just above my avatar's picture.

    Or else just follow this link:

    Instant Messaging.

    All Elders, Leader and Guardian may join our instant messaging group. The Instant messaging group allows instant interclan communication and helps us in a number of ways. To discuss matters of interest common to all our clans, to help screen and vet new recruits, to help balance our clans and share interesting information about Clash of Clans.

    All Elders in all clans are encouraged to join Instant Messaging. To find out more see the topic "We must talk" by Tanys, in the Cavebears community group.

    Or else just follow this link:

    Common abbreviations used in chat.

    atm at the moment

    bbl be back later

    bbs be back soon

    bblr be back later, I am raiding now.

    lmd let me donate

    pryafmh please remove your axe from my head

    fin I have finished donating

    t thanks

    tx thanks

    np no problem

    nw no worries

    yw you are welcome

    atygom are those your guts or mine?
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    Present members of Riverbears include:

    1) Leader: Ironhead

    2) Guardian: Karthi CB (Loosu)

    Senior Elders: (A senior elder is one who has previously been a leader in either Cavebears or Riverbears)

    3) Doulton CB
    4) Gandolf CB
    5) 456 CB
    7) Gman1980 (firestarters)
    8) Joe (Lawdog)


    9) Evga
    10) MeganMM9
    11) Tekiladams CB
    12) Lescrater
    13) Manu

    15) Rowan (Rownabou)
    16) MollyMaxSmashi CB
    17) Victor CB


    19) Pacebreaker
    21) NicholasCage
    22) Hozomeen
    23) Boogyx
    24) 5000tears
    25) Quintrixx
    27) Leibniz77 CB
    28) Harry (Harry161)
    30) Jordanftw
    31) Auha
    32) Yuhang
    33) Lou360
    34) RC
    35) Lord Loki (Mtbrat)
    36) Summerstarter
    37) Matt Haughton

    39) Jim107
    40) Big Hunter
    41) God

    Sleeper Status: Have notified us of their intention to be inactive for a while.

    43) Aoefan
    43) Qrios

    Zombie Status: Those who are undead and roam the Earth.

    none at present

    Under Guardian Request: Have been asked to move to Icebears.

    none at present.

    Note: CB after a person names indicates that these are originally members of Cavebears.

    Note: Brackets after a persons user name indicates their forum name, where it is different.
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    All hail bears!!

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    This clan is just what I would look for when searching for a home, it has values, full of fun and is comradely. With the lively clan chat donations are freely given. You couldn't find a better place to hang your hat.
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