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    How To Defend Edrags As a Th10?

    I am speaking in terms of level 1 or level 2 edrags from a townhall 11. edrags appear to be instant 3 stars. Does anyone have any base design tips or tricks to defend edrags reliably at th10? Sucks to have all our 10s get dipped and be spammed 3 starred by edrags. Maybe some examples of base designs that can defend edrags at th10 would be really cool!

    I understand that th10s should get easily 3 starred by th11s, but there must be a way to trip attackers and surprise them with a th10 base that can defend one of the most popular spam attacks at th11, requiring them to use an attack that requires a little more thought. Even a base being able to defend level 1 edrags would be amazing.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Why should your th10s defend against th11 attacks?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper139 View Post
    Why should your th10s defend against th11 attacks?
    For the most part, I can agree with this.

    If you want a better chance on defense against electro dragons, I’d suggest an Inferno Island-type base with both of them set to single target.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper139 View Post
    Why should your th10s defend against th11 attacks?
    You do realize I am not asking for a nerf right? I am asking for the best way for th10s to be able to defend th11 edrags consistently, an attack that takes 0 thought process to 3 star a th10.

    You can't 3 star a good th11 war base design with 0 thought as a th12 (edrags do not work), so should 0 thought be able to 3 star a th10? Even defending against (mindless) th10s as a th9 is easier than edrags hitting a th10.

    People who put 0 thought into their attacks do not deserve an instant 3 star against a townhall only 1 level lower than them. Which is why I have come to the forums to gather opinions from people on how they think it would be best to defend as a th10 against mindless th11 edrags.

    Back in the day, when th11 was still new, we had a large roaster ranging from th6 to th9s. We had a lot of problems with our th6s and th7s getting instant 3 starred by drags, we were able to overcome it and create bases that defended drags. Yes, even the th6s, they were able to defend against very bad regular drag attackers, usually level 1. Not to mention that our th7s could defend against drags at an almost 99% success rate, even the good attackers.

    This is where my question stems from, while we were able to create bases to defend th6s from bad th7 drag attackers, we are going crazy trying to design bases to work against th10s. Nothing is working. It is clear that no one in my clan has any ideas on how to find a way around edrags, so I have come to the forums for help. There MUST be a way. I am 100% sure we can create a th10 that defends level 2 edrags 99% of the time, it is just yet to be created (or has been created but no one knows about). I am thinking of a base that is built solely to defend edrags with no regards for any other attacks. With the th6 bases we built that were able to defend bad th7 drag attackers, they were super easy for any th6 (and even 1 th5 who managed to 3 star a max th6) to 3 star with a ground army, but could defend bad th7 drags reliably. A base like this exists, it has to. I STRONGLY believe that if you sacrifice your ability to defend other attacks, you can create a base that can defend any 1 attack, no matter how strong the army is. Can't change my mind on this. I am, of course, speaking of a one trick pony kind of base.

    We face clans very often where all of their th11s only use edrags, if we could somehow possess the base designs that can defend edrags as th10s, we will always win these wars by a large margin. Even better clans who do not use edrags for the most part, still end up use edrags against our th10s. Defending edrags would be a huge innovation and game changer for our clan.

    Quote Originally Posted by Naysbee View Post
    In your case I suggest having your base spread right out taking up as much room as you can on map. Trying to have 2x2 gaps where possible. Edrags attack doesn’t go past 2x2 gaps. Cc in middle.

    You have to take risks like facing sweeper one direction and putting all black air bombs in a long line on other side, as most wont attack in to sweepers. hoping they smash them straight away then def will hopefully finish them off.
    We have tried very large bases before with the large gaps but it seems to make it easier for edrags with loons to back them up to glide through the base as the defenses are way too spread out so edrags become able to pick off defenses one by one with little to no pressure against them.

    Your air sweeper and black air bomb suggestion is new to me! Sounds very smart, will for sure give it a try. Thank you! What do you believe is best to take in the clan castle? We will be making bases around this concept tonight, spread out bases and conjugated bases (while still maintaining the 2x2 gaps for important defenses like xbows and infernos) to test.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilEmpire View Post
    If you want a better chance on defense against electro dragons, I’d suggest an Inferno Island-type base with both of them set to single target.
    This is the first thing we tried, does not ever work sadly. The problem with these island bases is that so much inferno range is put to waste. edrags just mostly dodge the infernos and come back for it later, or 1 gets to the inferno and a freeze or a rage is enough to take out a lvl 3 inferno easily. We are currently testing designs where there are a large number of storages around the infernos (while still being 2x2 away to avoid chain). Not having much success.

    Anymore suggestions or help would be much appreciated.

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    First of all, are you a new Th10, mid Th10, almost maxed/maxed Th10 (maybe except for heroes and walls), or are you a Th10 with some underupgraded Th9 defences?

    I agree that e-drags spam can be annoying sometimes, although a no brainer person spamming edrags to a maxed th11 or th12 will defenitely won't work to 3 star those.

    My suggestion is for you to upgrade defences, especially those which can attack air units, and after you maxed those defences, it's better for you to upgrde your Th quickly to Th11. Tbh, my friend is a Th10 and he can defend well enough against lv1edrags, not sure how about lv2.

    I guess my getting lots of edrags spam, you're a trophy pusher aren't you? I admit it's hard to push more than Champion league as mostly you'll get 3 starred and spammed by at least Th11 with edrags.

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    Its difficult to prevent a dip 3star but still if you want to try to stop an E drag attack,use big gaps and keep a good gap between the th and other small defenses.Also keep the inferno in the island formation.

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    Careful tailoring your defenses against a single attack. Good clans will see something once, then switch to Gowipe or Gowiva and wipe their butts with you anyway. Really good clans will just know right off what to do.

    Honestly though, any TH 11 should be able to 3 star any 10 they want; the jump in power level is palpable. Especially if you're talking about leveled up electros. I'm a mid 12 and I don't even give a care about max 12s anymore, let alone 11s, I can lazily 2 star almost anything I want and I don't feel I'm a particularly brilliant raider. Hell I just take the first base I see now and truck it. I haven't scouted or lured opposing war bases in any kind of detail in years; that's just how the game is. It's simple and accessible, but the truly genius can exploit it.

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    Lvl 1 edrag are easy to defense.. keep you ad and inferno 2x tile apart from all side. Maybe place 1 arc tower or wiz tower next to ad if base if too spacious. They key is placement of air traps and sweeper.
    If your traps takeout 1 or 2 edrag at the start of the game most probably it's a 2 star.
    Make sure your ad or inferno is out of reach of hero snipe.

    Lvl2 edrag have a ton of health.(not impossible to defend but tough)

    Lvl30 plus heros are a must.

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    Put troll teslas in the corners. Edrags are super slow, you'll see some timefails.

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