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    I do appreciate your patience, understanding and the awesome help, Tahoe and GG

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    What if.... we could click on their town hall and see the orders they need help with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tahoe View Post
    I can personally attest to this fact. If you see the help sign for WP's town, be prepared to spend a MINIMUM of 30 minutes searching!

    I like the idea someone had to fill town orders from the town visitor request board on their farm.
    How to visit WP's town? I want to see the decorations 😀 & do the searching challenge 😊

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    Some great ideas here concerning helping townies. I think it's in the wrong section of the forum. There is an idea section.
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    I no longer help town. Just boats for me

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    Totally agree with you mcdvoice @susannaLovelyPigs it is lil bit difficult to spot that help sign in town. May be later that would be visible way better
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    Some people hide a help in a fiendishly difficult location, out of site and virtually impossible to locate so that the help sign always remains and in their opinion encourages people to visit their farm. One of my friends has the same help hidden and unfound for over a year now.

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    So I already put up a suggestion like 3 weeks ago, this one would be a nice idea:

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    And it's telling me that things are not the same
    My tip to find help sign (not town/truck) is to tap randomly with my paws...err.... I mean fingers. It works.
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    Is anyone finding that when helping someone’s town and completing the task the neighbor’s help sign will reappear needing the same item again, ie it would seem the “help” didn’t take even though the items are gone from my barn?
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