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Thread: Should I max heroes at TH9

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    Should I max heroes at TH9

    I have almost upgraded all my walls to max level, and then I will be needing to upgrade heroes(king-15/queen-18) and some troops(valks are level 2, hogs 4, minions 4, earthquake 2)

    As you can see, I will only need DE... should I upgrade to th10 once elixir and gold is full or wait and upgrade everything to max?


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    Wrong place to post sorry

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    You should max everything, every TH, before you upgrade.
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    Of course you should max your heroes at TH10 it will be pretty hard without those level 30 heroes.
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    It depends. If you’re centered around war, then it would be a good idea to max them. If you’re more farming oriented, then I’d head up, though I’d have 20/20 heroes at the least before heading up. DE is much easier to come by at TH10, especially with the 3rd drill and 7th level to upgrade to.
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    upgrade to th10, unlock miners & focus on keeping heros upgraded.

    once your walls are done you will be wasting so much loot (100s of millions) staying at th9 just to max heros. by the time you farm the de for both, you could be a long long way through th10, and kept your heros upgrading at the same time.

    you made a mistake by not putting more effort into your heros at th9, but dont make an even bigger one by wasting a load of time & potential loot
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    I didn't. I went with 10/15 and I'm not regretting. But I won't recommend unless *you are not participating in wars and CWL for a few days*

    If you're more into war, 20/25 is usually fine in wars, but each level changes an interaction which saves time in war.

    I would do the valks to lv4 before upgrading tho.
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