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Thread: New Clan, Crescent Ridge, Looking for preferred th8's and Lower!

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    New Clan, Cresent Ridge, Looking for preferred th8's and Lower!

    Cresent Ridge( #28YRVQ02V) is a recently created clan by me.

    Who am I?
    Pretty much a nobody. I'm a th8 who is trying to create a clan that will be fun and helpful.

    This clan is a war clan for people who preferably have a townhall 8 or lower base.
    Why townhall 8 or lower you might be wondering?
    Because I wished to create a clan for newcomers to the game, that is more laid back and relaxed, and that try's to get people to help one another.
    People higher than th8 are allowed but must be helpful and must be willing to answer questions asked by the lower town hall players.

    The clan will be always doing clan wars and competing in clan wars league and clan games. When it comes to war I want people to try but not go crazy try hard and I want it to be a more fun and learning experience.

    Rules of the Clan:
    1. Be respectful and helping
    2. Donate what people ask for
    3. Elder is currently given to everyone in the clan, but that is just so I can figure out who is trustworthy and who isn't. I will eventually cut down the amount of elders and promote the people I trust the most to co leader.
    4. Co leader is gotten by trust
    5. Ask for help if needed.

    Best regards,
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