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We are in champs 3, our war log for randoms is open, we have won 38/50 of our last wars.

We might change our bases once every 3-4 weeks, our thoughts are if someone is going to go to the trouble to go watch replays of our past wars let them have at it.

Making new bases each war, or even just changing what layout we are going to use from the three available is just to much effort

I could see a clan wanting to do it if they are in contention for the CWL world championships, but just plain old CWL is just to farm medals if you think about it.
Yeah, I would agree.

Spying is also part of that "skill" based matchmaking. If they are spying, copying the bases and investing time to practice in fc, they deserve to win against a clan who doesn't want to change the layout every war. Knowing the traps locations is not an auto 3-star, otherwise everyone in fc can get 3 easily.

These things only matter at top level, where they anyway keep changing layouts. Just disabling scout/replay for anyone outside roster is sufficient. Additional clan/player anonymity or disabled replays only make the gaming experience worse for most people.