Hello, I'm Danny, aka Cracker 42yr old from Yuma Arizona , of clan #28CUPGCQJ. I've been in only 2 clans since my kids made me play 2 years ago, the 2nd I've been in for 1 1/2 years now, I got lucky and found a very good clan that likes to help their members, I decided to take my 2nd acct and make my own. So I'd guess now it's 3, not 2. I Want to do the same, and build a Good, helpful, competitive clan! I've opened a discord and have a few good members, but it's really hard to find players like minded in global, so here I am. Here is my pitch; Looking for both experienced and willing to help, & Those wanting to play better and willing to learn. I believe the key to a good clan is "communication", so if you don't ever respond, this is the wrong clan. If this sounds like a clan you want to be a part of, then come over and say hello, we are struggling to get this going, you can be what we needed. Really looking for th8 or up, but if you are serious and lower then come tell me so. Also I kinda like builder base, I'm about 10 walls from being 100% maxed. I have a funny story I'll tell you if you come by. #28CUPGCQJ is are clan tag. See you there
I hope I did this right, guess I'll know later.