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Thread: All About Fun is Recruiting!!

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    🔴🔴all about fun is recruiting🔴🔴

    Hey there dearest farmer!
    we are looking for farmers that are leveled 50 and above (but if your level is lower you can send me a private message and I'll change it for you) we mainly want players who play derby well in experts and champions league , also looking for some helpful, active, friendly, chatty and fun farmers to join our hood but if your a quiet farmer you can still join but make sure to chat once in a awhile and slightly high expectations if play in derby

    Expectations if you are willing to join

    active- must be active if your in our hood and would love it if you can chat

    Chatty -we are a highly chatty hood and we would love it if you could chat to us as well

    international- we are mainly from India and Pakistan but the leader is From Australia so we are needing more people who can speak English and can play derby well

    Helpers-help whenever you can and ask in chat and we'll help you

    Manners-we sell everything at 1 coin for neighbors and after receiving what you needed atleast say "thank you" and be polite if you ask for anything

    levels-we are looking for levels above 50 to join and play in the derby

    -must be doing 7 tasks that are 300 and above
    -send out townie people when other farmers are needing
    -help everyone in derby if needed
    -be active
    -tell us if your play in next derby so we don't opt you out

    Notifications- Make sure to check notifications Daily so that you won't miss out on anything

    Extra things-
    Hood name - all about fun
    hood icon- a orange horse
    backgroundof icon- orange and white lines
    Tags- Chatty, international, fun, casual derby, helpers
    preferred language - English
    derby log - shared
    type - anyone can join (above level 50)
    Hood Tag-PLQPRURG

    Leader- Sping Potatoes level 48 my tag is #99JOC8UVY My kik username is Springpotatoes if you have any further question just ask me there
    co-leader- Chocolate farm level 70

    We hope to see many international farmers and have them actively playing in derby

    Regards leader S.P.

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    Daily bump

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    Another bump! Come and quickly join before the end of the derby!

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    Bump! Quickly join before the derby starts so you don't miss out!

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    Bump come and join!

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    Daily bump

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    Bump Come and Join We know you want to!

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    Bump come and join in on the fun!
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    Bump! We are doing very well in derby!

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    Bump! Derby has ended come and join and play!

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