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Thread: [Recruiting] Mightyaxe | LEVEL 14 | #UCLQVOG | Clan wars/Clan games/CWL TH10 and up

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    We would love to have you come visit our clan. Kick the wheels, join a war...or just sit and chat with us.

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    It is getting quiet around here. We need your vivacious conversation to perk up our socializing! Oh, and of course engage in war with us. We are serious about our wars, but not to the war clan level. If this sounds like a clan for you, please come check us out!

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    We are not a hardcore war clan, but rather we are farmers who thirst for war!

    We are not a hardcore war clan, but rather farmers with a thirst for war - The Button is pushed every Monday &
    Friday. We just completed a win today, oh and the smell of loot is so awesome! What a way to finish the weekend! Come join us!

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    CWL will start tomorrow and we need more CWL players!

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    Daily Bump - currently only one opening in clan

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    Daily Bump

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    Time for some CWL! If you have polished your armour, sharpened your blade, come join our clan and lets get the carnage started!

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    Let us know you found us in the forum!

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    We need th12 players for CWL. Come join us for this season CWL and check us out. Look forward to winning with you!

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    Daily Bump

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