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Thread: TH5 3-Star Strategy

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    TH5 3-Star Strategy

    Hey guys,

    So I've been looking around, and I can't seem to find any kind of strategy guide for TH5 without CC troops (every attack I see relies heavily on high lvl CC troops). So, I wanted to ask you guys, what is the best strategy to attack with at TH5 without high lvl CC troops? (I'm asking for the tournament, so your CC troops can't be higher than TH5 lvl).

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    I guess that is the $5000 question. Been a long time since I was TH5 but I’d play around with 1 Giant, 2 wizards, 2 archers or 2 barbarians as an offensive CC.

    for defensive cc I’d try 1 loon, 1 wiz, 3 goblins, 3 archers.

    not sure how effective either of those would be but I’d try them in friendly challenge for sure if I was entering the tournament
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    This tournament has really grabbed my interest. Too bad I don't have a Th5.

    Th5 only have one airdef, right? Seems like if you can use a few archers to kill the enemy cc troops, a loon based attack could work well, if the anti air defenses are not well protected.

    For this tournament, getting all 5 builders, for the extra huts and hp, would be worthwhile.
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