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Thread: I don't know how to attack any more...

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    I have some ideas over in idea forum I think yíall may enjoy. Regardless I would love your thoughts.

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    After years of playing Iíve just signed up so I can reply to this! Iím not quite max TH12, but Iím not far off and I hang out in Titan II and I... Iíve pushed to Legend a couple of times. In the last couple of weeks Iíve started trying to push again but Iíve failed in so many attacks itís freaked me out. My looting army never fails to get 1 star, but I canít stop now. I was wondering if they done some balancing without announcing it. As you say, the troops ďmelt awayĒ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdrakakis View Post
    ... and most of my clan mates are in the same boat. I have a maxed TH12 account in Legend league with 2280 war stars. Though I am far from being one of the best war attackers in the game, my performance has certainly been consistent and decent. I have used pretty much every possible army with great success in the past, but after all the recent balance changes I find that nothing works anymore and 3 stars in war is an elusive dream.

    No matter what I use, I find that my troops just melt away! Defenses are way too strong. Even strategies like electro-dragons are no longer a guarantee for 2 stars, let alone for 3 stars. The longer tentacles of the buffed multi-infernos, the buffed splash damage of the eagle, the buffed splash defenses like mortars and wizard towers all do a number on my troops. I funnel all of my bowlers (or electro-dragons, or whatever) perfectly into the core of the enemy base only to end up frozen (from a defensive ice golem) and circling (from the tornado trap) helpless while they are getting fried by all overpowered defenses.

    Sure, I can take a "kill squad" and use it to achieve some "objectives" before the main attack begins. But what should the kill squad do?
    -Lure and kill the cc?
    -Kill the queen?
    -Destroy the eagle?
    -Destroy the weaponized TH?
    No matter what kind of attack you do, these four objectives are a must. Then there may be even more, depending on the specific army used, like taking down infernos, air sweepers, air defenses etc. Assuming my opponent will not be accommodating and will not place all of these thing close to each other conveniently for me to destroy easily, it is pretty much impossible to achieve it all with a single kill squad.

    Infernos are something else that puzzles me. A while ago SC determined that what discouraged players from upgrading to TH10, keeping them career TH9s, was the different mechanics of the inferno that blocked healing, so they decided to have infernos no longer blocking healing. Really? I don't think so. I still cannot heal through a single inferno, so, for all practical purposes, yes, infernos still block healing. And now I have three of them to potentially deal with, not just two.

    What is your experience? Do you have any luck with any army in war against maxed TH12s?
    I've seen a single target QW and queen still heals. its just that a full power one kills her so fast you can't notice it

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