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Thread: I don't know how to attack any more...

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    I don't know how to attack any more...

    ... and most of my clan mates are in the same boat. I have a maxed TH12 account in Legend league with 2280 war stars. Though I am far from being one of the best war attackers in the game, my performance has certainly been consistent and decent. I have used pretty much every possible army with great success in the past, but after all the recent balance changes I find that nothing works anymore and 3 stars in war is an elusive dream.

    No matter what I use, I find that my troops just melt away! Defenses are way too strong. Even strategies like electro-dragons are no longer a guarantee for 2 stars, let alone for 3 stars. The longer tentacles of the buffed multi-infernos, the buffed splash damage of the eagle, the buffed splash defenses like mortars and wizard towers all do a number on my troops. I funnel all of my bowlers (or electro-dragons, or whatever) perfectly into the core of the enemy base only to end up frozen (from a defensive ice golem) and circling (from the tornado trap) helpless while they are getting fried by all overpowered defenses.

    Sure, I can take a "kill squad" and use it to achieve some "objectives" before the main attack begins. But what should the kill squad do?
    -Lure and kill the cc?
    -Kill the queen?
    -Destroy the eagle?
    -Destroy the weaponized TH?
    No matter what kind of attack you do, these four objectives are a must. Then there may be even more, depending on the specific army used, like taking down infernos, air sweepers, air defenses etc. Assuming my opponent will not be accommodating and will not place all of these thing close to each other conveniently for me to destroy easily, it is pretty much impossible to achieve it all with a single kill squad.

    Infernos are something else that puzzles me. A while ago SC determined that what discouraged players from upgrading to TH10, keeping them career TH9s, was the different mechanics of the inferno that blocked healing, so they decided to have infernos no longer blocking healing. Really? I don't think so. I still cannot heal through a single inferno, so, for all practical purposes, yes, infernos still block healing. And now I have three of them to potentially deal with, not just two.

    What is your experience? Do you have any luck with any army in war against maxed TH12s?
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    I get it that 3 starring a max th12 is not that easy but it's certainly not "impossible".
    Last war I 3 starred a max th12 n did 91% 2 star attack.
    Personally I like the balance so far and don't forget that troops r getting buff n traps r getting some Nerf in this next update.

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    Well I'm not a maxed TH12, but I see a lot of TH12 attacks, both in random wars, and CWL etc from both sides.

    For the record, my maxed TH11 base, which used to be a 'pillar of strength' even against the majority of TH12 dips, is suddenly getting squished by max Eddie spam attacks, from both TH12s and even sometimes TH11s (which never used to happen).

    I'm also struggling to 3 star max TH11s, and my joy seems to come from 60+% 2 starring big TH12s.

    Anyway, back to your story.
    Most random wars tend to end in a 2 star TH12 frenzy, with the occasional 3 star winning most wars.

    The successful attacks I see, tend to be spam Eddies or Queen Walk Miner attacks.
    To clarify, our clan and our opponents don't usually use a Lavaloon variant, as the skill factor is (all being equal) too high for most.

    Did the Inferno nerf surprise me? - No, I've been calling for it for eons.
    Did the addition of a third Inferno at TH12 surprise me? - Yes it did, I honestly wasn't expecting this.

    Will the additional TH12 levels for Witches and Hogs change the TH12 v TH12 dynamics? - I don't know, time will tell.
    Will TH12 v TH11 dips become too easy and 'faceroll' spam attacks? - Probably, and I think this is a mistake.

    I realise some may disagree here , but if dips are too easy, then the balance isn't right.

    In my honest opinion, SC added too much defence at TH12 (third inferno), and are now adding more offence to compensate, which I feel was a mistake, but it's too late now.

    Good luck!
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    OP - you are not alone! The various little buffs to defences have made attacking just a little more difficult. But I think the bigger change is that more and more clans have anti-3 star bases, with the Eagle, Infernos and town hall all separated. In addition, many bases have a combination of single and multi inferno, which makes it somewhat tougher still to plan for the raids. Most of all however, a clever base design using Tornado and Ice Golems, makes it extremely hard to 3-star, especially on a first attack.

    For most wars now, we therefore get our TH11's to hit up for 2 stars, and TH12's to dip. Once everything TH11 and below is cleared, they can then try for the 3rd star, without fear of 'failing' (ie the base is already 2 starred, so doesn't matter if they only get 1 star)

    Even with all that, we probably only see 1-2 of the TH12's getting 3 starred (out of 8-12 bases in each war) and it's normally much the same for the enemy. Most wars come down to a couple of stars, or just % destruction. Quite often seeing all TH12's getting 2 starred only, so destruction % can be more important!

    I think the Tornado and Defence Ice Golem nerfs will have a decent impact on 3 star rates. I'm kind of ambivalent on this - probably a good thing on balance, but if attacking is made slightly easier, it's tougher for my base to defend also!

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    I have quite a bit of success with queen charge miner attacks. Last CWL my th12 got four 3 stars and two 90%+ 2 stars that were time fails. I expect that rate to drop after the update with the increased level to archer towers and cannons. For me the IG and tornado change will have no effect.

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    Guyz ... little tips..


    1 ) KingQueenGolemWrecker killsquad + 28 - 32 hogs attack

    2) Same kill squad with 2Lava and remaining Loons

    1 Ice golem n 3 giants in Cc for both attacks..

    Since Hogs getting a buff , Killsquad hoggs is the way !!

    Anyways , troop combi depends on the layout of base which you are attacking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdrakakis View Post
    Sure, I can take a "kill squad" and use it to achieve some "objectives" before the main attack begins. But what should the kill squad do?
    -Lure and kill the cc?
    -Kill the queen?
    -Destroy the eagle?
    -Destroy the weaponized TH?
    What they do all depends on the attack you have planned. Frankly, I'm not seeing this issue with my TH12. 2 Stars are all but a fact my TH11 attacking TH12s is practically a guarantee (if the TH is near the outside of the base).

    The only time I see 1 stars is when people make a mistake attacking and then its like a 70% 1 star. With myself the only time I get a 1 star is when I'm hitting a base away from the TH when going for 3 stars (cause 2 stars was already achieved on it).

    As for the buffed TH12 isn't seeing the effect but my TH11 sure is. If my loons get too close to each other....poof....all of them are gone from a single L2 EA attack. Granted this is during farming and I don't use a CC.

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    I see much the same in my TH12 attacks as well - both war and farming. In most cases, it really depends on the base layout. It’s always been the case that certain army comps work better against base layouts with certain characteristics - that’s a given. Now, though, this is even more so the case. This last CWL, I only managed a single 3-star against a maxed TH12 and had lots of 1-stars in the mix across 4 or 5 TH12 accounts. My compadres saw the same. Farming TH12 has become significantly more challenging and time consuming as it seems more complex bases have trickled into the meta.

    Achieving a 2-star result against a TH12 is typically not very difficult - usually, EDs and Loons will get you there. Defensive buffs have really hurt ground attacks the most. I’ve had to increase the length of my QW and/or deploy kill squads to get stronger 2-star results and the occasional 3-star. I’ve pretty much shelved Miners altogether - even for farming, they’re going down way too fast. Bowlers and Giants, EDs and Loons, occasionally BoWitch and its variants...these have become my primary attacks at TH12. I’ve also been known to throw in a Dragon attack or two. I’m looking forward to the new level of Witch in the spring update and will take another stab at Hog Riders as well.

    The game has become highly defense-centric at TH12, something I do not find enjoyable. I think this is largely due to the upcoming ESL tournaments. Not much else to do but up your game....
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    Our last 2 wars have been against clans that ran various forms of qw gibowis or bowitch, and they still fare quite well. We only run 4 to 8 th12s depending on war size, but usually see a couple of 12s get 3 starred. A couple proficient attackers sprinkled in a few valks and did quite well. We just haven’t seen the edrag spam so many do, still the boys in blue ruling our wars. Nothing but blue for a few years now.

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    My clan ran into a war with a very good attacking clan that hit everyone with air, almost all lavaloon. When we had single infernos, they dropped 10 max bats. When we had multi, they would unleash 5-6 hounds and use clone on the loons and either 3 stared mid-12's or 90%ish our 2 max 12s. Gave me pause ... right now i think air is the way to go.

    I'm in the same boat otherwise, pre-update i felt pretty good. Post-update i've been lost in the woods every since. Trying to get the hang of bowitch and there are times i roll max bases and times they are all dead seemingly instantly. (not war, farming legends). Don't trust that attack enough to war with it.

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